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Lawyers Confirm All Delegates Are Unbound!

Lawyers Have Confirmed What We Knew The Whole Time! All Delegates Are Unbound!


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PRAGMATISM I agree the laws likley do not pertain

to a private organization's internal contest for the nominee. I also do not think delegates face penalties under state law alluded to in other posts/commentary unless the respective state laws expressly apply to national party conventions. Even then, there are a host of other legal issues that make prosecution difficult.

These laws are secondary, however. It would seem that the only penalty that would serve the single purpose of the establishment GOP is to refuse to recognize the vote of any delegate whose vote on the first ballot did not comply with convention rules (i.e. bound delegates). I assume the first order of business at the convention will be to make whatever rule changes are necessary to ensure the establishment's single purpose .... The Anointment.

Would delegates have legal recourse if they were cheated? Absolutely, but they wouldn't see a resolution until the presidential race was over.

So .... the best scenario is that there are an overwhelming number of Ron Paul delegates in Tampa and they not only prevent the establishment from further bastardizing the process, but they continue "infecting" their uninformed and misguided fellow delegates.

The problem isn't the fine - it's ignoring the delegate

The problem isn't the penalty the delegate might receive for abstaining or voting against the binding.

The problem is that the delegate's bound vote will be counted as bound without consulting the delegate. The state chairman will simply announce the bound votes.

What was so exciting about this law was that it seemed to make such intimidation illegal, but upon closer reading I think you're right... it does not apply at a private party convention.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


And if/when RP people are the majority

in any of the state party structures,they can overturn any of those rules or re-instate any RP voter who had been kicked out.

It's really nothing to worry about if we are moving ahead.

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Exactly what I have been thinking.

How can it be a vote, if everyone is forced to vote for the same person?!?! Never understood that. Now I do. Ron Paul only!!

The point that you make is

The point that you make is true it is also the basis of jury nullification. If a judge can tell the jury how to vote or how to proceed, then there is no point in having a jury. Jury nullification can be used to push back the tyrants until they can be replaced. This includes the rules made by faceless bureaucrats. Ron Paul has stated on video that the right of Jury nullification exists, but the the people don't use it. If you are called for jury duty it is another chance for you to fight for freedom. No victim, no crime. FIJA.org

What A Memorial Day Upper!

....I just see all those delegates joined by stealth delegates and converted delegates wearing V masks until the Day of Reckoning in Tampa when all Ron Paul delegates rip their masks off and stand up to be counted.

I be gonna count them instead of sheep...for much better nights sleep.
Counting sheep is depressing...vaccinated (soon to be pasteurized) milk cows jumping over the moon doesn't work either.


Great News!

We are winning!

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail"

Guys, this was in our grievance for our state and the

State Party ignored it all!!Unit Rule voting, intimidation, coercion, all of this was there.

So, my point, vote your way, not theirs!! Grassroots GO, it is up to you now, not them!!

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U



If you think about it....

there would be no need for a convention if delegates were bound. What would be the point. Everyone could just e-mail, snail mail or call in their vote.

The purpose is for debate and wrangling amongst delegates to choose a candidate at the convention. That's the purpose of the convention. If there were no room for voting ones conscience/preference at the convention and then tallying the votes; there would be no reason for a covention. Stating delegates are bound defies reason.

You can take that further,

You can take that further, there would be no need for delegates if they were bound...

There really isn't any purpose in years like '08 and most

others where the electorate has so little in the way of differences in candidates, to be divided over. But, when you have several candidates divvying up the state primary and caucus wins, there is some thought that a clear winner won't be obvious on a first ballot. The delegates are there to sort that out and come to an agreement on one candidate for the party to get behind, come November. These days, it seems, the primaries and caucuses are more consistently manipulated so as to get most other candidates to drop out in favor of 'party unity'.
I even read that Michael Steele engineered the rules to allow for delegates to be unbound so that the GOP convention could be more interesting and not such a snooze fest. He was supposedly inspired by the suspense surrounding Obama v. Hilary.

The platform is also voted upon at the convention.

Lots of arguements about that, too. Sure hope our delegates are well prepared for battle on all fronts.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

That's exactly what

I thought when this whole question started. The trolls trying to create confussion were in complete disagreement with me. Is just common sense. Why even bother going to Tampa?


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Lets get it done boys and girls

For Liberty!

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