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Why Hasn't This Video Gone Viral?

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that is the only commercial that needed to be released!

if every commercial was one of dr. pauls speeches... sigh, after all those clips are the clips that inspired and sucked in alot of supporters this is how voters should get to see ron paul not some fabricated flash animation that is useless in spreading the message!

Man that is good...

A couple of observations:

Rand is a politician. Ron is an American talking honestly about politics.
Also, it seems that Ron may have had eye surgery in the early 2000's. Did Rand do it?

GREAT video of a great man.

great video


For Liberty!

This video is maybe the best

This video is maybe the best introduction video to RP there is.

It has been posted to DP few times before and every time it's done I will vote it up.

This is the video that should be always on the Front Page of DP. That's how it would go for sure VIRAL.

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- because there are a million other equally fantastic Ron Paul videos on YouTube?

- because "going viral" happens to a video that is truly unique?


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because it's so vaguely titled as to interest no one?


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