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Seattle Times: Because Ron Paul Backers Show Up, Expect A Battle At The Gop Convention In Tacoma! Bring It!

Because Ron Paul backers show up, expect a battle at the GOP convention in Tacoma.

By Bruce Ramsey

Seattle Times editorial columnist Bruce Ramsey outlines the strategy of the Ron Paul forces and predicts a floor fight at the state convention of the Washington State Republican Party.

Ron Paul placed a distant second in the Republican Party's caucuses here March 3. Mitt Romney scored 38 percent and Paul 25 percent. News stories said Romney had "won" Washington, but really he had not. The game is winning delegates, and in a caucus state a candidate needs supporters who will do more than vote.

Washington sends 43 delegates to the national convention in Tampa. Forty of them will be elected at the state Republican convention in Tacoma June 1-2: 10 at large and three for each congressional district. Who wins, says state party Chairman Kirby Wilbur, "depends on who shows up."

Paul supporters are good at showing up. Look at other caucus states:

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Go hard beautiful Washington State

All the best in your fight for Liberty!

Washingtonians are always ready for battle!

Washingtonians are always ready for battle!

Loose Moose

Since mitt Romney Flip Flops

Since mitt Romney Flip Flops so much- On top of our strategy we have to get Paul Elected, maybe we should add FLIP Mitt to our side as part of the game plan as well. He is a very understanding individual, No?

I (a PCO and RP Delegate) will be there...

...and I ain't gonna have any gloves on.

We're ready for the fight.

Lori Sotelo, Kirby Wilbur, and the WA GOP, look out!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I'll be there to see it, and I can't wait!

The Washington State RINOS aren't gonna know what freight train hit em!

Loose Moose

And NEOCON Kirby ain't gonna be too happy!

Kirby.....you may as well just stay home next weekend. Cause it's gonna be a RON PAUL WEEKEND!

Loose Moose

Oh so now we do show up eh?

Oh so now we do show up eh? :)