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Did you miss your chance to be a delegate? That is OK, you can still become a GOP precinct captain.

Did you know that precinct captains have full voting rights at regular Republican assemblies?

Many local republican parties are having assemblies in June and July before the national convention. Some of these assemblies are passing amendments to bylaws that affect the state's national delegation rules.

If you are not yet a precinct captain then contact your local chair and volunteer to be a PCP. Most county chairs can appoint temp captains that will be ratified at these assemblies.

Contact me if you need assistance getting one of these positions or if you need any help or coordination in CO.

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Why is this in off topic?

It is very on topic! Let's work on those by-laws before the convention.


You may be right. It probably should have been in Ron Paul 2012 but it is also for beyond November.

Usually there are open captain positions and sometimes there are opportunities to become delegates for future conventions at regular assemblies.


Nobody? Are there no precinct captains on this site? Are we all waiting for someone else to do the work for us?