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Preparing New York State for 2016

Our winner-take-all closed primary is over and our 95 hand picked delegates are not even part of the larger discussion, I would like to hear some ideas on what we can do to change this for 2016. By no means am I advocating diverting any resources other than some time and thought from the current campaign to this effort. There is little more we here in NY can do except donate to moneybombs and give moral/material support abroad.

That being said, I think the sooner we start planning the better.

Let's discuss big ideas and small, strategy and tactics. I think it's going to take a concerted, well organized effort to root out all the bad apples at the county level and replace them with good ones. The majority of people that is the GOP base can be won over to our camp, but it's going to have be done systematically county by county. We cannot count on the MSM, word of mouth or any other groundswell of support materializing out of thin air the next time around.

The same way that Ron Paul created his own voter base, we have to do the same for ourselves in every state as well as NY, but we have to start now, 4 years will pass quickly.

I don't start new topics very much, usually I just post comments here on DP and follow whats going on, but this is an itch that I've wanted to scratch for awhile, so here it is.

all ideas, thoughts, comments, gripes and complaints are welcome.

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Start with your township and get all Liberty minded

people you know to get on the ballot to become a precinct delegate for their precinct. If the deadline to register for the ballot has passed you may still be able to run as a write in candidate. You would then need to check out what needs to be done to register as a write in candidate and should still have a good chance since in many precincts no one even runs for delegates. This will allow you to become a state delegate representing your district at the next state convention.


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Start right in your own district


There's a conference June 2nd. Not too late to sign up.

In summary, the elected "committemen" positions, who are the power of the people, have been vacated and we currently have de facto non-elected "town committeemen" who represent the establishment power structure.


I spoke with Tony M. this should be our focus.

Please edit your post and write 2012 in the title


I think he is looking at

the long run. In 4 or 8 more years we will control the GOP.


2016 is an improper goal.

2016 is an improper goal. There are elections held in every State annually; these are mostly local and State offices -these need to be taken over. Every 2 years is an election for Federal House of Representatives, and then there are Gubernatorial elections which vary by State. However, first you must become an active member of the GOP or DEMs(maybe a Liberty Dem has a better chance then a Repub), from attending the meetings you will be able to influence very little at first, but if you can find or start a RP group in your area and coordinate with other groups in your State, you all should be able to start winning local and State level Offices. Also, it is important to start taking over the Party apparatchik either GOP or DEM or both -this is absolutely necessary for without control of the party it will make it that much harder to get enough support for Liberty candidates. Remember Sarah Palin; lover her or hate her, she was mayor of a small town which afforded her the ability, and some experience and name recognition, to become governor. After looking up Gubernatorial elections it would appear that there are Governorships up for election every year; we need one of these within the next few elections. We will also need Liberty Sheriffs to get elected, and hopefully we could get an Attorney General on our side -these positions have some real power behind them.

But it all starts with getting involved with a 'Party' and setting up a group of liberty lovers outside of the 'Party' to help when it comes time to vote for Liberty Candidates.

You are right. 2012 is the time to start

in this falls election of precinct delegates.



There is no need to wait to become a committeeman to get involved.

I started going to my towns party meetings before I became a committeeman. For fun, I have to say it, we can "occupy" town party meetings by just showing up in numbers. They are not used to the presence of those not on the inside. To start with, just being there at the meetings is the start of pressure they are not used to.

An establishment party favorite is to not display that they even have town party meetings. Well, they are. They are just not telling anybody.

There is a way to get into the meetings. This is through "respectful setup strategy". This type of "diplomacy" needs to be taught to individuals on how to maneuver the town parties out into the open. It will not be done by antagonistic but by setup strategy to gain cards that are played at a little later date.

Assessment and future action


At least in my state, there was no statewide grassroots plan, as a unit. There should have been a statewide main website.


C4L. The training from the c4l was on becoming involved in the political process. Become a precint leader and hold monthly meetings with the people in your election district.

This is how to do it. However, I don't believe it was done. I too am guilty. I did become a committeeman but did not stay in touch with the constituents in my district.

Finally, the regional and county c4l coordinators were non-existent in motivating or even holding meetings to inspire.


The caucus states have a head start becauce by not having primaries, there conventions motivate for attendance. The people run the caucus's.

So how to inspire in primary states? Plan of actions should be multi-theatre. Meaning, do activism whereever you can. However, there is a time and place for everything, including what kind of activism to be performed at the right time.


Getting involved with the party is a number one objective. It is easier when you have more people than yourself.

I have taken a different approach with dealing with the party. I am no longer antagonize but go about things in a friendly, yet aggressively diplomatic manner.

I am doing a training this Wednesday on Becoming a Committeeman since our petitioning starts, on June 5th. See below.

Here is the link to an excellent webpage with documents on the committeeman. Interesting the NYS election law was changed in 1909-11. The committmen no longer answered to the election laws but to the party. Also good info on the George Washington "clause". Check out the committeeman flowchart.

History of the committeeman - http://newyorkcommitteemen.org/history/history.htm

Committeeman flowchart - http://newyorkcommitteemen.org/documents/documents/Committee...

Documents -http://newyorkcommitteemen.org/documents/documents.htm

John Darash is a Ron Paul guy. His site has great information. The committeman conference is on June 2 in Kingston I believe.


Title: Committeeman Activism starts June 5th - Learn the local and state political process.

What to bring: Laptop and/or notepad and pen.

Teaching materials: Internet websites and links. Maybe some handouts.

Presentation format: Learn the committeeman process from the coordinators explanation of Internet sourced information material.

The process will be presented step by step in the same manner that an individual can almost completely duplicate from their home computer.

* * *

Overview: We will learn more than just about committeemen. Covered will be:

Quick synopsis of federal and state legislative branches.
Understand local, county, and state district maps.
Find what districts you are in.
Familiarize with party rules and tendencies.
Importance of grasping Roberts Rules of Order.
About local and state committeemen.
What to do.

Why become a committeeman? The power of the electoral/endorsing system is established by the political parties. We have what we have because the good people are not involved in the political process. The bad people are, and in control. Since the good folks are not involved, the bad people have a free reign to do as they please. There will be no change for the better until the good people do get involved. It is a good feeling taking it to the bad guys.

Committeeman history

Brief history of the committeeman as the people's electoral representative.
George Washington “clause” on political parties.
Election law change 1909-1911: committee people now answer to a party, and not election law.

What is petitioning?

Where to get petitions.
How to fill out a petition.
How to petition.
When to petition.
How to review a petition.
When to hand in petition.

Where to petition

Learn to read district maps for Congress, NYS Senate, and Assembly. Assembly is the key districts.
Also, county and town district maps.
Finally, your town election districts.
Deciding what elections district in your town to petition in.

Town committeeman lists

Where and how to get the committeeman list for your town.
Understand what is "weighted voting".

How to enter the system

You’re the new person on the block when it concerns the party.
Learn how to “break the ice” with your town’s party.
How to prepare to campaign for your election if it looks like there will be one in your district.
How to campaign.

Some core websites where information is located:

NYS Board of Elections
Erie county board of elections
NYS Legislative task force on demographic research and reapportionment

good stuff Tony

Thank you.

There is a primary election

There is a primary election coming up in NY on June 26. Find out if there are any liberty candidates on your ballot and vote for them. Get others to vote as well.


Add Maryland to this discussion

Our state is a joke just like New York when it comes to proportional representation. We love Daibold too in case you didnt know.

If you ever feel like you

If you ever feel like you cant do much for the 2012 there is still time. You can always Phone from Home. It really works and really works. Got to get people to show up at the conventions!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Sign people up for a liberty

Sign people up for a liberty movement newsletter. Keep them involved. Get thousands of emails and phone numbers. it is the ONLY WAY people are lazy. You need their INFO.

We have a plan.

Email me.

Always start at the county

Always start at the county level. Elect liberty candidates to your local GOP and maybe even run yourself. That is key. The more County GOP chairmen that are Ron Paul supporters, the better.