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I just wanted to say thank you! I recently attended the UCSD Paul town hall meeting. I am a daily follower of the DP. I wanted to say thank you to all of you here who either read about or contribute your ideas to the movement. What this is all about is the freedom to pass around our ideas and let them tumble through the gauntlet of the masses. It seems we are here to let the world know that we do not accept the premise of governance based on coercion, but rather an understanding through consensus. We are here to highlight the fact that most people try to get along rather than fight each other. Wouldn't you rather have a discussion or debate than a brawl? This is a simple matter of common sense. We are all in this together. Competing ideas would be better suited to how we get along than how we can subvert each other through coersion and control. I think we as a people of Earth can and will come to some sort of consensus as a result of the medium through which I speak now.(Hooya internet!) WE...the people of Earth have a common goal. That is to survive. We must simply survive together. No other option is available. Paul's message of freedom is one of tolerance, so long as freedom is shown to all. If we as a species are to survive, we must ALL come to love each other. We are human and flawed. We can ovecome these flaws by cooperation and open discussions. These flaws can and have been manipulated by those in power to divide us. Here is the kicker...there is no difference between us; whether it comes to belief, politics, religion, weight, intelligence, or penis size, we are all essentially the same. We are human. Let no other take charge of you. You are only at the behest of those you seek to be with. Enjoy your life and all those who surround it. For those who wish to seek control over us and others...YOU STINK!!!...


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I think

They STINK too!!!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"