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if we need 5 states won and we have 2 so far who are the other 3?

since we do have Maine and Minnesota what are the next 3 so we can be on the ballot?

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You do not need to win 5 states only plurality

Iowa. Win
Minn Win
Alaska Win
Louisiana Win
Washington St Win
Maine. Win

many others plurality

When you look at the real

When you look at the real field and who the delegates are, the truth is we've already won more states than Romney. Even the top of the GOP's starting to admit Ron Paul will have a majority of delegates. Though they still claim the bindings will somehow save their precious Rominee.

that's not actually close to being true

I'd be interested to see your lists of states where each candidate has a plurality. One candidate's list is much longer than the other's.

What if all the bound Romney (Paul) delegates

Called in sick on the first vote. I'm not sure how the convention works, so I'm just asking out of curiosity.

Alternates would be seated in

Alternates would be seated in their place most likely.

We passed this threshold weeks ago

which led to some very egg faced admissions on Fox News that Ron Paul had qualified to be on the ballot in Tampa. Binding has no bearing on that qualification its who wins a plurality of delegates in the states. So Iowa Maine Minnesota Colorado Nevada are enough for that.

Don't forget Nevada, they may

Don't forget Nevada, they may be "bound" but they can still nominate Paul from the floor. That's three. Then there's Missouri, Iowa, Louisiana, and Washington.


wait so if a state is bound

wait so if a state is bound to romney it can nominate paul?

The way it seems to be

The way it seems to be falling down is that it is most likely that you can abstain without penalty, and it is somewhat unlikely that you could vote for Paul on the first ballot without penalty. You could face fines as high as $1000 and potentially be banned from the party for life. The general sentiment is that this won't be enforced until you get back to state, and that the RNC will still nominate based on your true vote. I, for one, would hate to give them an excuse to deny us at Tampa.

In the end, there's never been an election like this and they've never pulled off dirtier tricks before so we'll have to see what else they have in store.

think so

I believe the binding of a delegate would only determine who that delegate must vote for. My understanding is that according to Rule 40 (b) of the RNC rules, Ron Paul can be nominated by any 5 states that have a plurality of Ron Paul delegates, bound or not.

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I have not confirmed this,

I have not confirmed this, but I believe it to be true based on everything else delegates can do. Delegates are only "bound" to vote for a certain presidential candidate. Binding excludes all other votes including VP, rules, resolutions, and platform changes. I'm guessing nominations are also separate from the actual vote.



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