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The faces of Oklahoma Nat'l Delegates to decide GOP prez nomination (Ron Paul supported)


5/22/2012: Here are some of the national delegates who will determine who will be nominated as GOP contender for President of the United States. Our fate as a nation of people may lie in their hands. The national delegates you see here in this video are the conservative slate chosen mostly by Ron Paul supporters at the Oklahoma GOP convention help in Norman, OK on 5/12/2012; as they caused in a room at the Oklahoma republican headquarters.

As far as the executive committee slate of delegates (as well as the district elected delegates), they were sequestered in another room else where at the Oklahoma Republican headquarters. I think that if they are to hold such an important task which would have an impact on my life, at least I would had been able to see what some of them look like.

This video was recorded on 5/22/2012 at the Oklahoma GOP headquarters on North Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK that was held in separate conference room where the conservative values slate of national delegates were allowed to caucus. The conservative values slate of delegates / alternates are mostly Ron Paul supporters.
Oklahoma GOP chairman - Matt Pinnell decided to segregate the Executive Committee slate of delegates (along w/the district elected delegates) in another room of the building, where they seemed to had been sequestered. Whereas, the Ron Paul supported slate (Conservative values slate) caucused openly.

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