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Ron Paul wins GOP nomination-Agrees to only attend debates with top 5 political parties

Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution (later removed by the 12th Amendment.) " then from the five highest on the List the said House shall in like Manner chuse the President." I know these were for special circumstances but it seems that ballot access is an issue that I read about in here often. Obama would have to attend if he didn't want to look bad. These parties are currently if I'm not mistaken the Republican, Democrat, Green, Constitution, and Libertarian. As parties grow and shrink this would obviously change. If we could start a precedence it may catch for future elections. This would also allow more exposure to a wide variety of representation at the local level as what happens at the top happens at the bottom. Candidates that normally would not get a look are now in the public view and increased focus would allow for a wider representation at all levels.

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In the beginning...

the states appointed it's senators. They were awnserable to the states. The states would be able to recall them. Today, the senate awnsers to no one. They are servile "gods" beyond our reproach. They serve often life sentences and don't even need to come home to campaign. All they have to do is walk over across the street to meet with X from K street. Their entire reelection campaigns are funded. But hey, in the beginning corporations were not allowed. Time for a new beginning.

To my knowledge...

I've never even heard Obama talk about RP, or even speak with him, I'm sure they've met and spoke to each other, but if you think about it, Ron Paul isn't really debating to these guys, one side is the rational, sane mind, the other is the psychopathic, and warmongering irrational mind. he knows these guys are terminally stupid and sick, I think he wants these debated because he's trying to get to the audience, have you noticed RP destroys all of them in a heated debate then talks to us more. god bless him

I'm sure that

Dr Ron Paul haunts Barry in his sleep.

You wrote: "Are you sure his

You wrote: "Are you sure his name is Barry."

I'd like to answer this, if I may. Yes, I am quite sure that his name is or used to be, Barry Sotero, I know this because I heard it reported by one of the major network news stations. You know, ABC, CBS, NBC. And one thing that I have learned in my 48 years of life is that the Journalists and reporters of these networks are the last great bastion of truth and goodness…they would never lie, they would never speak an un-truth of any kind. And furthermore, if ANY of the reporters were to EVER get something wrong, they would correct it ASAP. And if that correction were to not occur quickly enough, a reporter on another one of those networks would let us know. And it is because of this impeccable honesty and integrity that we, the American people can always be sure that we know the truth and that we receive an accurate and full accounting of all the things that occur both inside our great nation and all those things that occur near our very safe, solid, and peaceful borders.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!