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idea for internet voting system

The apparent voter fraud that is going on in primaries got me thinking. How is it not possible to simply register all votes on a massive, publicly available internet database? IT these days could easily handle the logistics. The down side is that to verify votes, names and ID would have to be taken, so voter anonymity would be lost.

To verify the results of say the Kentucky state primary for example, couldn't all the Republicans who actually voted on the day for Ron Paul, simply register themselves and their details on a website for all to see. We can then count these and compare them to the official results. You don't need people who voted for other candidates to register in order to prove the proportion of votes that should have gone for Ron Paul. Now maybe he really did get only 13%. But this is a way to check.

Of course, if someone really wanted to screw with the system they could attempt to add fraudulent votes. But at the very least that would require them to add IDs of people who never voted, or manufacture false IDs. Ultimately all votes would be checked out because they would all have to correspond to an actual, real person somewhere. It would be very hard to subtract true votes.

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Looks like God may have answered my prayers...


Thoughts on this?

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

We've all had the idea

... but we're doing it the hard way. The way it was meant to be done in a Republic.

-quiet engineer

There is no way to secure it

There is no way to secure it fully, there was an article here about this a while ago. A guy had been hired by the government to make just such a system, but had advised heavily not to use it, though they were going to anyway if not for a critical error. Anyway... point being, it can't be done. Not securely with today's equipment.

The best way is by public counting of a clear ballot box in every single location.

Not suggesting this as a replacement

for real vote-counting. Suggesting it as a mechanism for checking vote results. And, as above, for that it would not 'need' to be done securely. If anyone was bothered enough to check the votes cast they could do that themselves, by checking the voter ID. The system itself could be a pretty open registration system. Not run by any government organization, but just concerned citizens from the Liberty movement.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

It doesn't need to be secure

It doesn't need to be secure if you're basing an election off of these results and they can be easily tampered with?

Or are you just saying that a fan should do it for funskies? Because I know several sites have sort of tried to do this but no one participated.

Ha ha

No I'm not basing an election off them - they would be for comparison. And tampered with how? My point is that ultimately any tampering would be subject to accountability.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.