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Conservative blogosphere in uproar over Kimberlin - A Psyop in Progress?

I'll just give you the quick run-down. The convicted felon, Speedway bomber, Brett Kimberlin, is lashing out at conservative bloggers who have linked him to liberal tax exempt foundations such as the Soros funded Tides, Barbara Streisand Foundation, the Heinz Family Foundation among others who were giving him grants to this nonprofit, Jusitice Through Music Foundation.
Here's a link to the soap opera version:

As you "aware" people realize, the Foundations have been the puppeteers tools of social control. It's where the banksters hide their play money and fund all manner of social engineering.

Now this man Kimberlin is threatening bloggers, using the threats of "lawfare" to make their lives miserable. Some have lost their jobs.

As I was listening to the victim, Aaron Walker talk to Glen Beck about it, I was struck by the use of the word terror. He described this man as a "domestic terrorist" and said the word terror one other time. I realize that he may just be repeating the lingo of the day, but I'm wondering if this isn't some sort of psyop to make us define what a domestic terrorist looks like and get used to going after them, or liberals ignoring them. Either way, government can step in and be the solution.

I've got the list of his patron foundations on my blog here:

I got that info from Stacy McCain who has had to purportedly leave his home because of his work on Kimberlin.

Would love to hear liberty lovers chime in on what might be the beginnings of some serious free speech issues.