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George Galloway Explains Historical Palestine/Israel

I was impressed when I saw the clip someone posted of Mr. Galloway taking David Frum apart, so I watched some more of his clips, and came across this one.

I think it was an excellent history lesson.


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If Americans Knew

Take a look and pass it along: ifamericansknew.org

He was called into a senate hearing once

over allegations of corruption in the oil for food program.

Here's the video:

It's 48 mins long but worth it. He chews them up.

Here's a teaser clip:

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You're right....

Long but worth it... It's funny that there are so few intelligent individuals left in the world, that we end up following the few that exist as if they are superstars... (It's better than following Britney Spears like the rest of the population does).

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I was going to post the EXACT same clip!

This is timely for our anti-war position!

"All men are created equal"...says our lawful Declaration of Independence ... and now pre-emptive war, a.k.a. murder of your human equal(with religion as the excuse) is our foreign policy?

Blowback from Muslims, that I do not fear - swift judgement from the Creator I do fear, for the willful diminishing of created life via indoctrination of evolution theory and the encouragement of abortion upon those whose economic circumstances and race do not match up with those "lovers of money" who "rule the world".

If you believe humans all evolved over millions of years from a cosmic burp 4.6 billion years ago, and that spontaneously became pre-biotic soup, which then became a pine cone, then a banana, then turned a frog into a prince over LOOOOONG periods of time - seriously - then you believe also must believe human eyesight is a product of random chance.

Truth is; MORALITY, and the moral principles Thomas Jefferson understood and promoted(even though he ran his Christian bible through a shredder) is what atheists, agnostics, and any subscriber to any man-labelled religion/faith under the Sun is what we who support Ron Paul are fighting for ... PERIOD!

Kings and potentates FEAR the PEOPLE, when they RISE UP in anger or through REASON. They are in FEAR(rather than us being in fear) because we have NAILED their documented hypocrisy up in the public square of all to come see.

They are scrambling, they are in FEAR for their very lives right now...they need the next war to start ASAP; and, they need to send out their Gestapo to round up and lock away their "critics" ASAP.

WE ARE WINNING - please, American Christian Republican voter: ABANDON your CHURCH if they insist Muslims must be killed for the sake of a "prophetic" Israel - that's utter bull-S$%^!!! and NOT AMERICAN ...

Hitler had a RACIST HIT LIST of who was a "less evolved species" because he believed in the theory of evolution, and even if Jews were at the bottom of his list; most Germans KNEW "all men are created equal" in their conscience, and they KNEW open murder of our human equal doesn't square/balance with obedience to the laws of nature, or nature's God(that ALL kings/potentates/presidents/dictators profess a belief in).

It is so SIMPLE; all we need is a display of COURAGE, and the priests of of the church of American Exceptionalism will abandon their posts - we have already WON all the arguments, they have already "refused assent" ... what's NEXT?

Either we fear this government, or, we fear the Creator; which is it? Take a stand as an individual for what is MORALLY right, and consistent with the Golden Rule to do no harm - it is not complicated, it is not theocratic ... it is so normal, children understand it - and - it is the children who are watching us and learning from us; and they will inherit this planet no matter what, after we are all gone!