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More Free Car Stickers for Ron Paul

Hi Everyone,

I just mailed a bunch of free Ron Paul bumper stickers yesterday. I ran out, so it will be another week or so before I'm replenished.

If you would like a free Ron Paul Bumper sticker, and don't already have one, please email me at: jfleck2112@hotmail.com with your full name and mailing address. I should have 50-100 more stickers available in the near future. Let me know now, so that when they arrive, I can get them to you. I only have bumper stickers, not car magnets. Please, USA-only. I'd love to send them abroad, but the costs would be higher.


Joe in MD


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Bump for Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers



Display it proudly on your vehicle.

Got mine yesterday

Thank you very much!


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Bump for Free Ron Paul Car Stickers!

Bump for Liberty!

Bump for Free Car Stickers


Even if you're scraping by

You can still show your colors and support Dr Paul

Bump for Free Car Stickers


Ron Paul

I have bunch of "Ron Paul Bumper stickers" and i am giving them away in my neighborhood. I think it is the time to do something is we want change in our country. Or we gonna suffer the same way we are suffering now our whole life..

Like bumper stickers.