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Michigan Congress opening - Any Takers?

It’s a big oops for a Michigan Congressman who may lose his seat by mistake. Last fall he was trying to organize a run at the White House.

This spring it looks like Michigan’s Thad McCotter may lose his seat in Congress because of a botched petition drive. He says he submitted 2,000 signatures, and only needed 1,000, but the Secretary of state says not enough of them are valid signatures. In fact he is reported to be “woefully short” of the number needed. It’s not clear what went wrong but he says he plans to address it after the Memorial Day weekend.

The Republican Party is already reportedly scrambling to find a write-in replacement should he be bounced.


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I nominate towelie

I nominate towelie


Michigan needs someone good...

...like Justin Amash for that position, And Govenor Rick Snyder is no better than Romney! He is in bed with the big corporations and is only doing things to benefit them...another disaster!

Thad is a creep`

He was all for the auto bailout.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.