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Plea to Our Active Military to Come Home

To any active military who will listen,
Today is May 25th, 2012.
My name is Casey Potocki. I am a citizen of the United States and my family has lived in this country since the 1700s. I have family members who served in the military during WW2, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. I myself have dedicated many unpaid hours of my medical practice to helping veterans who are injured and sick. It is with great honor that I have a chance to serve you and speak to you who are serving in the United States military.
I have seen many disturbing things in the news this year. Congress and the president have enacted the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the president the full powers of a military dictator. I saw the president today announce on the news that he intends to keep troops in Afghanistan for another 10 years. Our current president has openly assassinated US citizens during this administration. We now have drones flying over the skies of many states. This week in Tampa Bay, Florida, troops from other countries are practicing military training operations on our home soil and many citizens are alarmed that foreigners are training on our streets while you are away in other countries. Meanwhile, congress and the president have sent you to far away places which have done us no harm, like Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and the naval blockade of Iran.
The citizens of the USA are under attack. At the NATO summit in Chicago this week, there were numerous videos of security forces beating US citizens. Similarly, protestors in cities at occupy wall street rallies are routinely herded like cattle and beat by security forces. Our govt is giving international bankers billions of our citizens dollars to give to their friends in banks all around the world, while our own citizens who are protesting are being impoverished and lack the means to create jobs.
I see a new American nazi force being built up here at home, called the TSA, which routinely violates our citizens' privacy, dignity, and 4th amendments rights in airports. Now the TSA is expanding to bus and train stations while the police forces are being eliminated or assimilated into military or TSA functions as local governments are going broke.
I have lived long enough to remember an America that the world admires, because we value basic human rights, and share a love of freedom, values which were passed down thru my family from veterans and their spouses to each new generation. What I have seen in the news recently shows me that our congress and president will use any force necessary to take away American citizens' basic human rights in the name of fighting so-called "terror".
I ask you to please come home and protect us. We have peaceful citizens protesting the govt's disregard of our human rights and dignity, and the theft of our money by bankers, but they are being swept aside in our own home cities by force from mercenaries protecting the politicians and bankers who have hijacked our country. I know that if these global fascists succeed in taking our country's sovereignty and our very identity which includes human rights and a fair chance for all to be free, then this very video of my own free speech will be enough to condemn me to prison or worse, as well as anybody else who speaks out against such tyranny.
Please come home and defend us from the tyrants in the govt and bankers who are stealing our rights, our money, and our freedom, turning us into slaves while they send you to the farthest reaches of the world on a wild goose chase to find "terror". The terror is here at home. The unarmed citizens of the States United are not enough to defeat this tyranny of power. Please come home and defend those who you call your spouses, your parents, your children, your friends, and your fellow Americans. What good is your service abroad if your own families are being terrorized here at home while you are away?
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my plea for your support. God keep you and protect you, and I thank you, for your dedication to the United States of America.

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and then there is this...


"How much longer will US military and law enforcement tolerate 1% policies of war that kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions?

Importantly, the 99% of the American public also dishonor our military with any thoughts, words, or deeds under illegal US Wars of Aggression other than to demand arrests of obvious US War Criminals."


Active Duty USAF

Easier said than done im afraid.. If you are in the military you come home by either a) PCS or (Permenant Change of Station) or b) Ending your enlistment and both a and b are directed by orders given to us by our commanders. If we all could just decide to come home I think the majority of us would.


Concur. Also AD USAF.