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If you caucused as Congressional Districts already,

what is left to do at your state convention, regarding delegates? Do you choose the CD ones before hand and the at-large in your convention? Please enlighten me. Here in TX, we chose state delegates in state senate district conventions and we will choose in our CD caucuses whom to send to Tampa. There is also a national nominations committee, which I believe we can be voted to, who will choose the at-large delegates.
Do go to the link for the meet-up that another poster provided. They will let you know what is being done to identify each other.

NC delegates

all but 13 out of the 55 delegates are voted upon at district conventions, and the 13 remaining are voted upon at the state convention.

Hmmm... I may owe someone in GA an apology.

There are so many ways to do this delegate thing. Pray for us in Texas, next month. Will do the same for NC.



i going to the nc convention

all i know is we vote on the 13 delegates left on the business session on Saturday

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NC convention question (answer needed)

Will a paper be passed out with RP delegates on it? Will we be voting for delegates? I'd hate to sit through a speech from Donald Trump and not be effective too.

How will I know which delegates are RP folks?

I gotta know who to vote for.

The first thing you have to do is see if they have a

RP State Coordinator. On the Day of the convention you should see if they have a RP table and speak to some of the people about this. If you can't get this info you have to pay close attention to speeches and most RP delegates are the younger crowd, but in our case in MN we had a lot of older folks that are fed up with the govt.

Listen to see if people talk about limited govt, spending, constitution,etc...

I would image some one around your area is involved with the RP movement or look up on the internet to see if there are any meetup groups.


a bylaws and rules fight. You'll know whom is who... It's easy to spot a RP supporter they are the only ones that make any sense and follow rules.

Wow. They are desperate for speakers.

Threaten them that if Romney wins- Paul supporters will vote for The Donald as V.P. choice. LOL!