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Butterfly Release at MO state convention in Springfield

I'm trying to get a butterfly release organized for the delegates and visiting supporters at the MO State Convention in Springfield on June 2nd. I'm hopping it will be able to happen over the lunch break since it is a 2 hour break, but if not it could be moved to the end of the convention.

Anyone who wants to participate needs to purchase a Painted Lady butterfly for $5 or a Monarch for $8. If you can't be there you can also purchase a butterfly to be released on your behalf.

It would be really awesome if we could release 500 butterflies. It would be quite a site.

here is the link http://shop.flutterbybutterflyfarm.com/Ron-Paul-Springfield-...

Disclaimer: This is my business and yes I will make a small profit on each sell. I am a delegate and hope to go all the way to Tampa. I hope you all are able to see what an awesome event this could be and are willing to support the businesses of Ron Paul delegates. I normally sell the butterflies by the dozen and I'm doing this because I want to be able to show the unity that there is behind Dr. Paul.

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The symbolism of butterflies, caterpillars and the RP revolution

Before discovering RP, is akin to being a caterpillar, sheltered, restricted and unaware of the world. After awakening to the liberty philosophy, it's like a butterfly being released, beautiful, free and aware.

I like your idea of releasing butterflies, it just ties in perfectly with the RP revolution.

sounds fun

I'm going to start a business of releasing tarantulas and lizards at Romney's next couple of rallys. lets see how many people want to jump on that bus. lol

This sounds nice, but I do

This sounds nice, but I do not agree for 2 reasons...

1. You just outed yourself on a public forum. Romney probably has a paid staff of lawyers keeping eyes on this site at all times. "Butterfly lady is a Ron Paul delegate, asking other delegates to join her. Currently looking for her IP address..."

Is that really a good idea? Shouldn't we remain anonymous?

2. I'm all for making a buck, but the money changing hands for butterflies could put us in awkward position. "Do you have a business license, Mam?" You have to be very careful...8 year old children are no longer able to sell lemondade at the corner stop sign, "without a permit." I wouldn't be selling butterflies at the state convention.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This is my Buisness...

I have all of my USDA permits, sales tax lenience, ect. Also I wouldn't be selling them and having money exchange hands at the event. They would be purchased ahead of time through my website and all applicable sales tax is charged. They would be delivered to the convention.

As far as being outed on a public forum, I'm all over on facebook were there are people in closed groups who are spying us out. I also have a Ron Paul sign in my yard and Ron Paul bumper stickers. If you look me up on facebook, though my settings are private, you can see that I like Ron Paul. I was also in a parade float for Ron Paul and friends and family called to tell me they saw me on TV. For some it may work best to stay low, but it is no secret who I support.

That doesn't mean I'm going in to the convention wearing my bright green Ron Paul shirt. I also will wait till the end of the convention for the release if it appears we need to keep it on the low. Lunch would just be a great time as we would all be there. If things are contentious then we can do it after the convention is over and no one knows till after the fact who the butterfly lady is.

If someone objects because I'll be making money, we all have to make a living and I think we should all share our businesses with each other. I had a plumbing problem a few weeks ago and had to call roto-rooter, but by asking questions in a forum, I found a plumber who is a Paul supporter. I plan to call them as soon as I can afford some plumbing work that needs to be done. I posted the disclaimer because I don't want anyone to think I am trying to trick them into buying from me.

Great activist idea

Big bump.

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EJ and Taupin

Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
You're a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away,

Personally, I like the idea

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time. ~Deborah Chaskin

Good Idea

I think you have to come up with a clever name though. Like ButterFLY for liberty. That sounds kind of dumb haha but i do like the idea

ButterFlies For Freedom

ButterFlies For Freedom

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!