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So Which PAC, Organization, Chip-in Are People In Here Going To Contribute To? And Why?

Help me out. I am confused there are so many different orgs. and people wanting money. I have limited donation capability - what should I put my donation toward?

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The ones they as individuals

Feel will do the most good, for some its going to be supporting local Liberty candidates, Some will support efforts in states for more delegates and some who can afford to will support both types of efforts. free market of ideas doesn't mean groupthink, that some will get a majority of support is not because "we" follow the crowd but because most of us decide thats the best way to go

Two legitimate efforts are the South Dakota Fund Raising effort

and the California Super Brochure effort. So, there are only three grassroots groups, right now:

South Dakota
LibertyUSA PAC

If you don't want to decide on the precincts, donate directly to LibertyUSA PAC. The SD drive is also legit.

Hope that helps.

Both are key to earn delegates. So, your funds will be well situated.

Thank You