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Educating the Press

In response to the Longview, WA newspaper article


in The Daily News,I submitted a letter to the editor which was published today. It was put at the bottom of the page with my headline "Tyranny Alert" deleted and a new headline "Grass-roots Initiative" replacing it:

Grass-roots initiative

Party precinct officer is one of the most grass-roots offices available. The PCO brings to the party organizations the concerns of the voters and of the neighborhood.

I repeat, the party is to respond to the constituents of a precinct. The establishments of both parties try to invert this to make the people minions of the party bosses. This is tyranny, which is why I, a long-time conservative Christian Republican, veteran, and retired engineer, am now filing for PCO. I have always voted Republican. They cannot label me as a RINO with any credibility. I took an oath to the Constitution and, like Ron Paul, will carry out that oath to the best of my ability. The time is now.

Read more: http://tdn.com/news/opinion/letters-saying-it-all/article_d8...

Please visit these links and create traffic to their site on these specific articles. This is a small town newspaper and do you not think they may not perhaps start breaking the wall of silence more about Ron Paul when hits soar? They, like every other MSM newspaper are struggling and are looking for readership.

I encourage each and every one of you to do this grass-roots activism and direct traffic to local media via the web.