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Media Hoax on Ron Paul

Professor Murray Sabrin explains Ron Paul MEDIA BLACKOUT

Ron Paul has been discredited, censored, ignored, and chastised by the mainstream media. Why? Prof. Murray Sabrin speaks in depth about the TRUTH behind this issue, exposing the scam the government has been running right under your nose for the last century.

This also includes all this Media Hoax going on now.No matter who or what is said do not believe all this media hoax.We are winning and they all know this!Please watch this video and pass it on!The media knows Ron Paul is winning that is why of all this disinformation coming out.(This also includes anyone linked to Ron Paul!)
Unless it comes from Ron Paul himself DO NOT BELIEVE!!!!!

Get them delegates and DO NOT STOP and alternates SHOW UP NO MATTER WHAT!

One more thing President Ron Paul only!!!!!!This fight has only begun!


Updated:This is America if you dont vote Ron Paul: Vote to Change the Path (Some Language)

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This even

includes some post on this site!

Bumping again!

Reason for bumping is please watch the first video!No matter how the media is spinning anything about Romney,we all know that WE are all still in this!The media is trying to get the Ron Paul supporters to stay home!That means delegates and alternates!Go get them delegates and show up no matter what!That also means alternates!Please quit watching the boob tube!We all know they are bought off!
Ron Paul is winning and will win and they know this because Ron Paul has the BEST TEAM OUT THERE!GO get them DELEGATES and DO NOT STOP!!!



Good clip.

Thanks for posting it.


Bumpiddy bump bump

I'm not one to throw out the "MUST SEE!!!" often

But this is one video that not only should be seen but NEEDS to be understood by every American.

Forget all your pet issues - nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the Federal Reserve problem. It is the lowest of the low hanging fruit of issues because as the creator of money (i.e. literally possessing the goose that lays golden eggs) everything else is subject to its operations.

Thus, I would challenge any argument concerning war, 9/11, Republican vs. Democrat or world famine etc. as mere child's play compared to a secretive institution that creates money from nothing.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Yes & I would even go so far as to say

all those other issues are caused by and/or are a symptom of that very low hanging, rotten apple the Federal Reserve that needs to keep the world divided, in wars, in fear, & institutionalized so we don't catch on.

I have seen this clip before.

And, it never gets old. It explains the real reason Ron Paul is blacked out. And, from the Feds inception to now the counterfeiting that still continues.

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Remember this clip!

CNN SLIPS UP ON LIVE TV: They're WORRIED About Ron Paul's Success!!!


After watching that clip

After watching that clip again for the umteenth time, I think it might be a case of misinterpretation. I haven't followed Dana so I don't know if she has made other comment towards Dr. Paul, but I will illustrate what I mean.

She says: John, I'm sure you're talking to Republicans who are worried as well as I am that Ron Paul will continue...

However, it could have been meant to be like this:
John I'm sure you're talking, to Republicans who are worried, as well as I am that Ron Paul will continue...

The difference being that the second version of the sentence could be rewritten as such:
John I'm sure you're talking, as well as I am, to Republicans who are worried that Ron Paul will continue...

Or it(the second version of the sentence) could also be rewritten as such:
John I'm sure you're talking to Republicans, as well as I am, who are worried that Ron Paul will continue...

The point being, is that only the first iteration of what she said, is actually negative toward Dr. Paul, the other three iterations aren't negative, it is just grammatical structure.

But like I said, I have no way of knowing what she was really trying to say; plus I think she did slight Dr. Paul in an earlier interview, so maybe the first iteration is correct after all.

Dana Bash = RP basher