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Mum's The Word - Keep Quiet, Delegates!

Stop right there! Drop the internet cookies!

Whatever you post, DO NOT even suggest that you are a delegate. I've been reading the DP for a couple of hours since I came home, and I still see people saying they're a delegate from soandso....STOP! Stop posting that you're a delegate! Stop leaving a digital IP address trail for Mitt Romney's goons to follow and go after.

Don't forget what Doug Wead just told us only days ago...

"Meanwhile, there is evidence of a full scale purge of any Ron Paul delegate, from any state, to the RNC. If you are a delegate, keep your head down. They are looking for you."

If you're a delegate, for Heaven's sake please don't say you're a delegate on ANY internet forum, especially this one! Mum's the word people!

Go stealth...incognito, whatever you want to call it - just zip the lips and please don't be too loose with your delegate figertips!

Shhhhh. Enjoy the silence of our own calm before the RNC storm in Tampa Bay.

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And everyone who is NOT a delegate......

Post that you are one. I like to throw them off and make them scramble.

Dang !

Stole my idea, (grin), ;-)

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Good Advice

Good advice for delegates.. A picture speaks a 1000 words.


I love that picture.

I love that picture.

Fox 'N Hounds

I added the thought balloon...
I originally posted it in a thread when people were casting doubt on a senator from KY. He knows the "good advice" quite well.

I don't know about other states

but in CA, all the delegates are listed on the secretary of state's page.. Ron Paul delegates and Romney delegates

What can we do with that list of Romney delegates?

This really applies to 'stealth' delegates,

Which wouldn't really apply out here in California. Technically possible, but extremely unlikely to apply to us.

I have an Idea also

High delegate from SC here with a good idea. How about we get a lot of people that are not delegates to say they are to confuse them further!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

"High delegate from SC here

"High delegate from SC here with a good idea."

Ugh boy....how else can I say this other than STFU!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


Somehow, I don't think 2012R3V0LUT10N is a delegate.
If you read the comment again you may see what I mean.

Of course, he could be, but I can't be sure...


i agree

stealth mode