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Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Handgun *vid*

Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Handgun *vid*

Using 4 key factors, Andrew at the Vuurwapen blog guides us through the thought process for choosing the right handgun in the following video (11:41). Here's what he covers:

Your needs.

Your proficiency.

Your budget, not just for the gun, but for the total package.

How to decide on the caliber and platform.

Watch here>>Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Handgun *vid*

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Any recommendations?

My grandma bought herself a Ruger LCR .38 (beautiful pistol, BTW), and my dad has a .40 cal Smith & Wesson autoloader, but he's looking for a concealed carry pistol. He's already qualified for the permit (took the class and all), but he's looking for a good gun to carry. He's thinking 9mm or .38 Special - any suggestions for quality guns that won't break the bank? (I personally lean 9mm, but I'm not the one carrying the thing - YET. :D )


I was thinking about this. I was going to get a concealed carry permit, but doesnt that alert the government to who they'd go after first if the SHTF?
I dont need to carry now, but might if things get bad.
Well, then I think, if things get bad, like anyone will care if folks are carrying.
If the government confiscates handguns, they wont let the concealed carry folks off without getting theirs to.

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I never really liked being around pistols or revolvers, had rifles and shotguns growing up. Went to a local gun shop with an indoor range, and just for fun tried a couple of pistols. Found out it was alot of fun practice firing a pistol. Decided to get one and then felt as my right to carry, to take the safety course and get the permit. I got the permit knowing now I am "on record", but so are alot of other people, and again it is my right to carry if I choose. I actually carry very rarely, but I do have a self defense pistol and know how to use it if the situation ever became necessary.
Got my wife interested, and now she has a 22 pistol, and we enjoy practice firing together as a hobby.


I sure like my S&W 38, small, don't have to worry about a slide action getting hung up, and it is for self defense only.
Get gun safety training and realize the responsibility and consequences of carrying.