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Gullible Libertarians: Immigration is the Health of the State

The narcotic of 3rd world immigration is massively expanding the Welfare State.

90% 3rd World immigrants vote for more government programs.

Gullible Libertarian screams "Just get rid of the Welfare State and the problem will go away".

But the borders are still open and welfare state keeps growing like cancer.

At the same time millions more are pouring inside America to consume free food, free medical, free Sec-8 house, free education.

Open border gullible Libertarian is in fantasyland.

How will the Libertarian abolish Welfare State if he does not shut down the border first, put a freeze on all 3rd world migration, get rid of all Welfare, get rid of all debt and then think about opening up the border again.

Looks like libertarian has his priorities all wrong.

Why does the Libertarian never uses commonsense? Is the libertarian serious about cutting government?

This message criticizes open border left-libertarians, not the good patriotic right-libertarians like Hans Hermann Hoppe who want to freeze immigration.

America is not a labor market, it is a country with unique people, history, culture and civilization.