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Idea for Moneybombs *FRESH*

Okay so I took a personal look at this moneybomb that is for SC that started yesterday, the 25th.. on a Saturday..?? I just want to point out that its so late in the month that I could not afford to donate, would I have if I had the money? Yes of course I would have and donate every single time there is a money bomb if I can, this time I couldn't. Where does Ron Paul get a lot of contributions from?? The Military, and I happen to be in the Air Force. When does every single member of the military get paid?? the 1st and 15th of every month... My question to the people that make these moneybombs is... Why the heck aren't these moneybombs on the 1st and 15th of every month?? Seems to me they are missing out on a lot of contributions there.

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do you mean SD not SC? anyways, i think its due to the primary

I think its because its a grassroots movement and due to the upcoming primary south dakota has. They mentioned they have to have money up front by a certain date. So while organization might be last minute and they didn't want to overlap on the last money bomb but didn't want to wait too long before they missed their deadlines. Then the announcement that the campaign won't help the primaries anymore was kind of a last minute shock as well. Given the current events recently I think they have stepped up more than most states have. I think SD, CA, and TX all have their heads on straight. Have you heard from the other states coming up on the same primary date like montana? nope. just be thankful that they are stepping up to the plate.It seems fine to me and just budget yourself. I've given a hundred already and might give more tomorrow if others don't step up to fund SD.

Forget moneybombs! Look at

Forget moneybombs! Look at the ticket the last few days! Less than $2000 a day! Less than $1400 today! That is not even enough to pay his staff, let alone have m,oney to actually DO anything.

Moneybombs do no good if it means getting virtually ZERO on other days.

Ding Ding Ding

My troll-dar is working good

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The campaign has around..

3 million cash so i wouldn't worry to much anymore, about money bomb's anymore, june 5th is the last day of voting. And it's all about the delegates now, we must take down romney. We must do this grassroots! This whole campaign has been grassroots all along. Let's just keep fighting..

Yes the only MOney bomb is for South Dakota...

we must receive 20% of the vote to receive delegates and with our own fund raising as a grass roots we can go after Romney to show the difference between RP & Romney... Go South Dakota!

Please remember we need help calling into South Dakota!