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My First Post

Hi all,

I have been reading “The Daily Paul,” for only about a year or so, but I have always thought that Congressman Dr. Ron Paul would be a perfect president...The only problem I figured was that there was no way that Congressman Dr. Ron Paul wuld have enough MSM coverage to ever have enough support to become competitive....This is the reason why I supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 (not to mention her stance on pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately and restoring sanity to civil rights), but after witnessing what happened to her in the primaries, and what happened to Al Gore in 2000, I think that there seems to be a problem with peoples' ideal of MSM….We are now more “trust worthy” than MSM because there is more trust in sites like this than there is on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, or any other new station due to the apparent manipulation from those who have interests in keeping the status quo (As an American citizen, we must believe that even RT news has bias, even if it is not apparent)…The reason for this is due to multiple people giving first hand knowledge of results instead of having some news reporter that is bought an paid for and is more worried about keeping their job than actually giving an unbiased report….I have always felt that independent verification of results matter and that if people understand what independent verification means, it would eliminate more misconceptions about who to trust…..

For all those who are going to be fighing for Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, the most effective weapon we have is the truth....Don't forget that...


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and happy first posting. At this point most dems ar probably wishing they had hillary...

Welcome to Liberty my friend we knew you had to come out sooner or later.

I cannot see ANY reason

to support Hillary Clinton. She is truly loathsome, and never to be trusted.

Anyone in the state department

is creating new wars on a daily basis


I was writing letters to the editor about Ron Paul, and they refused to publish them. So one day I called the Press Democrat and asked to talk to somebody wanting answers. Here was my answer:


From time to time I think the Press Democrat has a harder time with Obama winning than I do.

Ok for truth.

you wrote - "the most effective weapon we have is the truth....Don't forget that..."
Right & true, so let it roll,
Let Truth Be Spoken, = Turn On The Light
& Welcome..

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thanks, good to have you on board