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Team Nevada just fubar'd Rmoney

I’d like to make a few observations concerning the whole Nevada GOP mess going on right now. And I've got something to tell you that I am pretty sure most of you are yet aware of. As a little back story, in 2008 the Ron Paul supporters made themselves known to the state party. As we seeing now in many other states, during the last campaign many Ron Paul supporters vied for delegate slots and working positions within the Nevada GOP. Also as we are again seeing this time around in other states, the leadership of the state convention broke rules, ended the convention improperly, and tried to shut out any participation from people that support Dr. Paul. Being well educated on the rules, the RP peeps reconvened and finished the party business which included electing delegates to go to the RNC. Sadly, the national party lied at the RNC and said the dispute had been resolved and did not seat any of the Paul supporting delegates. It was also found in a court case that the Ron Paul people did act appropriately, followed all rules, and should have been the rightful seated delegates and positions. Of course, that was way after the RNC and changed absolutely nothing in the results of the 2008 election. Quick court cases and decisions only come for insiders.

Between 2008 and now the freedom-minded people did not leave the Nevada GOP. Instead, they became more involved, more participatory, and grew in numbers. As most of you reading this are aware, the results of all this hard work and organization have resulted in not only a near sweep of all delegates to the 2012 RNC, but also state party main leadership positions. Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian stepped down soon after the February 4th beauty contest. Good job Nevada peeps, we sincerely appreciate your perseverance.

You’d think that would be the happy ending of this story, but it seems another couple chapters are still in the making. Recently, five prominent people in positions of leadership for the Clark County GOP have tendered their resignations. Clark County is of major importance to the state party since it has the highest population and home of the city of Las Vegas. The now former chairman Dave Gibbs and vice chairman Stroupe have both announced that they will be joining “Team Nevada”. Both Gibbs and Stroupe through letters claimed their reasons for resigning were due to “distractions” that were getting in the way of their goal of getting Republicans elected. Really? Having more people join the ranks of your party and insisting that it actually follow the principles of limited government and fiscal sanity are distractions? Well, I for one see that excuse as completely illogical and then conclude that the real issue is that they do not wish to deal with people that refuse to blindly appeal to authority.

Bob List, a national committeeman, former Nevada Governor from 1979-1982, currently chairman of the Nevada’s republican party budget committee and sits on the national party’s executive committee, was voted out of his national committeeman position during the state convention. He did an interview in which he admits it was all done by the rules and ‘fair and square’. He even went so far as to add that it was not a surprise to him since the Ron Paul people had grown in numbers, saying that ‘the writing was on the wall’. He described this ‘swarm of killer bees’ as going by principles and not falling in line behind a single candidate in which they’ve been told to support. Oh the humanity. Bob List will also be joining Team Nevada and said during the interview that the Romney campaign is involved in the formation of the group and his nomination will be their main focus of activity. In that interview and through public statements from the GOP we’ve learned that they are basically going to cut off the real Nevada GOP of funds and funnel their monies through Team Nevada.

Team Nevada is being referred to as the ‘shadow party’ being formed in the state. It is well known that it is being formed and funded by both the National Republican Party and the Romney for President campaign. This clearly already violates rule 11(a) of the National Republican Rules as Bob List clearly exposed its purpose during the above discussed interview.

Now even though the term ‘shadow party’ is popular, let us step back and call it what it REALLY is …. a third party. The real and established state Republican Party, which has submitted its rules to the Secretary of State for recognition of its candidates on the public ballots, is still intact and is being run and represented by the people that were duly elected adhering to the preset rules. The people that used to be members of the real Nevada GOP have resigned and are now forming a new party simply because they are …. ahem: butthurt that the people that no longer just do as they are told and actually have principles showed them the door. Team Nevada isn’t simply a group or movement based on ideals such as Tea Party or Campaign for Liberty - they have a stated goal of getting Mitt Romney elected outside of the current state republican party. No matter what name they are giving it, that, my dears, is a third party and Rmoney (not a typo) is their third party candidate. As said before, even Rmoney’s official campaign has even colluded to bring about this third party.

Ready for a little twist to this chapter? Well, a lot of people will tell you this or that and even the GOP has tried to threaten state parties by telling them what is or is not part of the Republican National Party rules. I’ve actually read them, and you can too. http://www.gop.com/images/legal/2008_RULES_Adopted.pdf They’re boring, but they are online for all of us to see. Now take a little trip with me down the long list of rules for this party and scroll all the way down to rule 11 again. We’ve all had discussions about section (a) in which state parties cannot spend money on/with a candidate until they are the nominee. Rmoney is not the Nevada nominee - as evidenced by the state party convention - yet they are breaking that rule. But, more interesting and not talked about at all in the lamestream is section (b). Rule 11 (b) in summary says that anyone that does anything at all towards getting the nomination of a third party is now disqualified. I’ve talked about this numerous times on our show Presidential Paulitics. This rule is the very reason that the lamestream press pushed so hard on asking Ron Paul about his third party possibilities in the future only about four hundred times. If at any time the good doctor would have even hinted at entertaining the idea, the way the national party rules are written he could be disqualified from receiving the nomination at the coming RNC no matter how many delegates he had amassed. The rule even states through use of a multiparty or similar type ballot.

The formation, stated goals, and the very fact that the official Rmoney campaign is coordinating with Team Nevada is a complete and total breaking of Republican National Party rule 11(b). This presidential candidate is seeking the nomination from Nevada for President of the United States within a third party that is clearly NOT the official state Republican Party. Here’s the kicker…. The punishment for breaking this rule is clearly written in the text of the rule so you won’t have to search elsewhere. Mitt Romney “shall not be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the nominee of the Republican Party from that state”.

The ending to this chapter is still to be written as we will be watching to see if any other states mess up doing the same exact thing. I’d love it.

TL;DR: Team Nevada and the Rmoney campaign just boned hard and got Mittens disqualified from getting anything from Nevada at the RNC. I’m sure glad these dipshits aren’t running things there anymore.

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he is hardly a Republican

Then How come the Rally for the Republic didn't work as a rump convention?

and CAN Campaign for Liberty legally take money FROM the Republican party? I guess it could...but wouldn't that be somehow not cool legally?

Rally for the Republic wasn't

Rally for the Republic wasn't a convention, it was a rally.


uh-hu...that's why the woman who passed me my State Delegation

uh-hu...that's why the woman who was distributing State Delegation Signs at the beginning of the thing told me, "its going to be rump convention - pass it on". And amazingly all of the delegates who had come over in the shuttle buses from the RNC to watch Ron Paul speak were hustled back to the RNC for some emergency vote. OH it really could have been one. I even called home to tell people.

Where is Beesting? I remember telling him!

We Had Our Chance At The Rally, To Either, Nominate,,

Ron Paul, and/or split the Republican Party right there with national T.V. filming.
If only Alice had stood up and nominated Dr. Paul in front of those 12,000 wild Ron Paul supporters.
I was holding the Oregon sign, and some of the official Oregon Ron Paul delegates were there, at the rally.


oh! so all its Alice's fault now!

I'll make sure she knows.

But YUP!! Thank for chiming in. It really could have been a rump convention - and I'm pretty sure it freaked the RNC team out.

Now if Team Nevada does the same WITHIN the same convention hall as the RNC this year....

An Addition To My Previous Post.

The press was right behind where I was sitting, and I had met the reporter from Roseburg, Oregon and told him to expect a big announcement , since I had already talked to you and Alice.
Maybe some of the other reporters heard me. {?}


Whoever just down voted me,

Whoever just down voted me, you aren't doing yourselves any favor by ignoring facts. "Team Nevada" is clearly not a party.


it wasn't me that down voted you BTW

I'm interested to hear your opinion.

If Ron Paul would have

If Ron Paul would have started a shadow party he would have already been thrown out of the republican party forever!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Relevant links

Vegas paper on "Team Nevada":


"Clark County Republican Party Chairman Dave Gibbs announced his resignation Wednesday night and said he would join "Team Nevada," a national GOP group supporting Mitt Romney's presidential campaign as well as other top Republican candidates."

Bob List interview:




I thought Romney planned to open multiple Team Romney Plants

throughout America...in fact I thought the next one was going to be in Iowa and then perhaps Alaska...did anyone else read this?


Romney the spoiler

Headline: Spoiler Romney Runs Third Party in NV

No wonder my husband hates politics!

Politics are repulsive by definition: "poly" = many----"tics" = blood sucking parasites.

I'm feeling a little fed up right now, too. First lawyers and Ben Swann say delegates can vote as they choose. Then Steve Parent warns that there could be serious consequences for violating some state party rules. Will there be any serious consequences for all the jerks like Bob List? I didn't hear Steve Parent getting bent out of shape over "shadow parties". Was he upset over the false arrests made in Missouri when they illegally shut down the convention to select delegates?!

wolfe's picture

Steve Parent is...

and always has been a douche bag, blow hard who knows little but claims much...

Ignore everything he says, completely.

I watched him claim to know everything about the process in 2008 (to which he was completely wrong)... He came in, lied about credentials, tried to swindle people, etc... Ben Swann is 1000 times more credible.

Ignore him. Not everyone who has been around forever is worth listening to (and some might include me in that statement as well... lol)..

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Great definition

And I also feel that things with Steve Parent may very well be taken out of context from blind dislike for him.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Now we know why the media keeps pushing the 3rd Party issue

every time Dr. Paul is on the air. Scum of the earth these people are!

I think Mr. Ben Swann likes reporting stuff like this doesn't he?

It's good to be on the side of freedom and truth isn't it?


Please tell me Ben Swann has been notified

about this. He will spread the word all over.

no! give Team Romney time to hang themselves!!!

wait...what if perchance a Team Romney newsletter (of all things) started to get distributed. Romney would have to say "I don't know who wrote the newsletter" And.... ohhh....I'm just dreaming out loud.

But seriously, they are so cocky I could see them doing something stupid like this. Or making up yard signs. Or getting a billboard or something.

That would be GREAT for us!!!!

Good Job

Enjoyed the article that exposes the dust and cobwebs in the GOP house. Keep up the good work!

Let's Fight the Good Fight

Enter the 8.5 billion dollar

Ponzie Scheme? wouldn't that kind of disQ Team Romoney

So the way I see this going down.

We won't likely get any legal action outside the convention. So this should be brought to the floor in Tampa by our delegates and submitted as a motion to ban Romney from the nomination due to 11(b) violations. Even if we are short a majority we likely will get the votes of a lot of Santorum/Gingrich delegates and others that will vote with us knowing Romney is going to lose the general election to Obama. They will all hope for a better candidate and sign on.


Why wait until Tampa

Push for disqualification NOW. The media's a good start.

Linda Cross's picture

Can not use the name "Republican"

Absolutely! They are calling their separate 3rd party "Teem Nevada" because they don't have the right to use the name "Republican". It is a third party and to run on any other party nullifies your ability to run as a Republican. I'd also cry larceny and fraud for embezzling the funds of the legitimate Republican organization into their 3rd party coffers.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

DJP333's picture

Press release?

Ron Paul's lawyers should provide a press release about this issue.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

Yea right....

They're too busy cozying up to Romney hoping for some scraps from his table.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

GoodSamaritan's picture

Send to Law Firm Defending OK Delegates?

Perhaps this info should be forwarded to the William J. Olson law firm in Vienna, VA.

See https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BycOffR9JYFpMmlmWGVvTmZDSDg/...

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father


Man I hope they get a billboard in Vegas so that their third party is right in everyone's face, for everyone to see!

You described this perfectly for all of us out of state-ers.

It's worth repeating, the 2012 election

It's worth repeating, the 2012 election is Status Quo vs Ron Paul: which side are you on?

This sounds true..and

This sounds true..and excellent!!

Erin Brockovich

Is that you? :)