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Freedom Democrat Press Release - We Need More Like This!

Here's a weekend press release from the campaign of Dennis Flynn, a Democrat running for Congress in New Jersey's 10th District:



May 26, 2012

Dennis Flynn has separated himself from his five opponents in the 10th District race.

During Thursday night’s debate, Mr. Flynn clearly demonstrated that he is the only candidate willing to stand up to the establishment when it comes to bringing home our troops, protecting civil rights, and dealing with crony corporatism.

When asked about her approval for President Obama’s decision to commit troops and funding to Afghanistan for at least twelve more years – despite a domestic economic crisis attacking families here at home – Senator Gill defended the White House’s marriage with the Military-Industrial Complex and made it clear that as a Congresswoman, she would be compliant with the status quo.

Mr. Flynn, who put his education on hold and joined the U.S. Air Force in the weeks following September 11, 2001, feels that the security of the United States needs to be a top priority. And the crowd present at the debate showed complete agreement with Mr. Flynn’s position that we not only need to bring all our troops home as soon as possible, but that we need to recognize the problems associated with blowback from our interventionist foreign policy, and deal with the system that allows the Military-Industrial Complex to have such influence over leadership.

Councilman Rice displayed no opposition to the current administration’s assault on the Bill of Rights through legislation such as the NDAA, and revealed that a major part of his plan to deal with the systemic issues plaguing our most vulnerable citizens is to start a Super PAC and travel around the country raising money to kick Republicans he doesn’t like out of office.

Dennis Flynn showed a passion for moving beyond partisan politics and standing up for his liberal values by defending civil rights – no matter who is trying to take them away – and promised to be a strong voice against laws like the NDAA. Mr. Flynn also spoke about his plan to stop addressing the symptoms of our economic problems and start dealing with the root cause by pushing for a full audit of the Federal Reserve Bank and making significant changes to our nation’s irresponsible monetary policy.

Finally, Councilman Payne is not only using his local political connections to secure ballot positioning and backroom endorsements; he is unapologetically campaigning on these connections being his major qualification for Congress – as opposed to the handcuffs on his ability to serve his constituents they would actually prove to be.

Dennis Flynn has made no deals with politicians to get where he is today, and does not plan on making such deals to get where he wants to be in the future. Instead, he’s relying on the principles of real liberal values and a refusal to give in to the Republicrat establishment’s oppressive leadership.


Democrats hearing this kind of thing in a Congressional primary is HUGE for our chances at widespread general election victories for Liberty candidates in the next 2-4 years. Let's get behind this guy!


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why should we care what party

why should we care what party they are in as long as they will fight for liberty and to bring the troops home. In some states anyone who runs as a republican doesn't have a chance. We need a democratic liberty candidate to run against nancy pelosi in california etc.

Well Said

(Pelosi endorsed Councilman Payne)

Very encouraging

to hear that this movement isn't just sparking passion on one side of the political spectrum, but also on the left. I'll definitely take it. We might fight like cats and dogs on spending, but at least then it will be on principle and not backroom deals.

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Dennis Flynn is closer to Dr. Paul on domestic spending than you might think. He believes that true liberals need to recognize when a government program fails to meet its stated goal, and stop funding it, as it usually serves to perpetuate the very problem it was created to solve. No real liberal who truly wants to help people should support such a program.

Just imagine...

Pretty soon we could have Democrat and Republican candidates arguing over HOW to most effectively enforce the constitution!!

This guy needs to join the Ron Paul movement

He sounds like a righteous man

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Gotta Start Sometime

And this guy's the full package


Looks like the real deal to me


Let's take both parties!

Pride and greed hold us all back, to the benefit of the few and detriment of the whole.


As it says, the crowds are already on our side. We just need to show that this message can win.


We're at the tipping point...