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Let's just downvote the troublemakers and not make any comments

When people make racist posts, try to divide us or make any other posts obviously designed to stir up trouble Wouldn't it be best not to make any comments no matter how bad you want to tell them off. Every comment we make just makes the post stay active longer and gets it more exposure.Then the troublemaker can come back later and reply to the comment and make the post active again.If anyone has a better idea how to respond to this stuff I am all ears.

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If ever a post deserved to be

If ever a post deserved to be sticky'd permenantly to the top this is it

Bump up good threads ahead of the trolls?

Keep good threads relevant and let the trolls drop off the page.

Good threads help the cause of Liberty and the campaign. Don't forget to keep active outside the list.


Hey AMC.....

You're exactly right. The best way to deal with trolls is this......

You see a negative or divisive thread....check to see how long the person has been a member....the person will probably be a member days, weeks...or just a few months. I call these people N.N's....Negative Newbies....a.k.a....Romney Trolls.


Good Point

I do that all the time.


That what you're wanting to do is deny sombody their right to freedom of speech.maybe you should go to work for the federal government.this sounds just like them.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy


....that you're reading comprehension needs to improve.

The creator of this thread is not talking about banning people or deleting threads...he is talking about not adding comments to divisive threads.

That's not denying someone their right to freedom of speech....it's called ignoring someone...lol.

I agree

There comments and post mean nothing unless
they get a reaction
from those who disagree!
Let them say it and then let it die...

Mail :)

No One But Ron Paul 2012!

It's also

practicing the free market of ideas. While they have the right to say what they want we have the right to show them we don't buy into it. If they showed up at one of our rally's would you gather around and cheer them or shine them on?


How is ignoring what someone says (like a post on DP) denying them their right to free speech. If they posted something, then they were not denied right?

Also, freedom of speech applies to public areas. The DailyPaul is a private area, but I digress...

As to the OP, I've been doing this for years now. Just ignore what you don't like and everything will be fine.

Freedom of speech is a scam

The constitution may guarantee the right to speak but it doesn't guarantee the right to be heard.

That right is reserved for politicians and the media. They are the only ones who get to enjoy "freedom of speech" as you envision it.

Completely agree with this

Why fan the fires of ignorance? I believe it is the best policy to not reply to the theme of posts cited by amc1953. As well, I have noticed that many posts are quite sexist. This always truly amazes me, that sexism even exists. Yet I digress. Shouldn't posts of this type also be treated in the same manner?

I was thinking

the same thing, everytime someone replies it just keeps the post up.

Agree completely

I often wonder why such comments continue to be made instead of just letting them disappear.

There are trolls everywhere

On MSN, anti-muslim trolls all over. On infowars, trolls claim anti-semitism and call everyone lunatics. On Fox News there is constant trolling of all sorts.

There are even anti-Ron Paul trolls on my favorite streaming video site! *gasp*

Most trolls are harmless but some spread disinfo and cause havoc. No different than undercover cops acting as agent provocateurs.

I would pay them little mind. Refuting their arguments and making them look like idiots is fun too, but better to ignore/downvote.

I agree

No coment.

Best to turn you back any coment is a win for the poster. No coments IGNORED is the ultimate response.


I like the idea for the most part

however, if the troll or someone with a sour attitude is semi intelligent and is not being a complete ass, I sometimes use the opportunity to hone my debating skills. It's very challenging (in a fun way) for me to present opposing viewpoints in a calm, thoughtful manner, when what I really want to do is tell the person to get bent! I've been practicing this in my real life relationships too. It definitly takes practice and restraint but turning it into a game or an educational experience can be very satisfying. The more someone upsets me the better I feel being able to maintain my composure. I still occasionally fly off the handle and just react to something some one says to me but almost without exception after I have thought about it...I would have put the screws to them so much better had I used a claim thoughtful response.

I second that!!!!

Great advice!!!

But by commenting we invoke thought,

and that is how minds can be swayed. Your comment will be remembered by that individual every time that point is brought up again.


Just a question though

How is a troll to be judged? With so many differing opinions and ideals who has the right to judge? Ok to some,yet Trolls to others? Could it be possble that once in awhile someone is just ignorant of the facts and not a Troll at all? just curious?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

The one who gets the most

The one who gets the most down votes MUST be the troll.. pure democracy in action. Oh wait....

If enough people down vote

If enough people down vote WITHOUT commenting it will take most of them out before they get started. Sometimes it is so hard to ignore.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

lets down vote...

everyone who doesnt think like we do....SEE THE PROB??? if people are here to troll...this is the easiest convert...if principals are right...AGREE>?


i must have missed the "racist" post here the last four + years. i only come on everyday for 12 hours a day so maybe i missed all the racist post.

anyway, the reason why your strategy won't work is because we have multiple trolls who will bump other trolls threads. it's really probably the same troll.
the solution is for the mods to be more proactive at spotting and then moving troll post to off topic. pretty much all religious threads (pro or con) should be immediately moved to off topic. I've never understood why Micheal allows off topic divisive religious threads to go on and on for days if not weeks? there are a few religious threads that are relevant but most are just troll post that waste time and divide us.

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Double hmmmm..

This from your post "anyway, the reason why your strategy won't work is because we have multiple trolls who will bump other trolls threads. it's really probably the same troll" is exactly the problem.

If it is clearly a troll and I see that other trolls (or same troll perhaps) have add comments in support, then I become concerned about how "soft" RP supporters or "RP-curious" visitors might think reading that thread. IMO, we should counter them briefly in those circumstances, merely to expose the trolling, then move on.

It would be good if members read down a number of posts before answering these seemingly troll posts. Sometimes there are just one or two messages calling out the trolls. If it the thread could end there, that would be good.

...just my h.o.

There was a post tonight that

There was a post tonight that was borderline racist that basicly said Ron Paul does not have a chance to win california because there are not enough white people there implying that only white people support Dr. Paul.I did not think about the trolls bumping each other. That does make it hard to make them dissapear.

Actually Ron Paul does well with all people who love liberty

and the prosperity it brings.

Trolls that bump each other just try to lure us into wasting time on proven hot button topics. It still comes down to taking the bait.

Free includes debt-free!

If you don't vote at all

Isn't that better? They disappear. Don't open those Rand Paul posts.

Enlightened disengagement

WIth enlightened disengagment as their primary weapon of choice a critical mass of Americans ended the Federal Reserve Bank corporation and the practice of False compounding national debt as well as the IRS collections of immoral extorted theft called income tax.

Soon the rest of the country saw how effective the enlightened disengagement weapon worked, so they followed suit. The Redsheild Bankgangster Fiat false debt ponzi scheeme collapsed upon itself as most evil eventually does anyway.

I threw my liar box TV out a few months back got tired of it taking up space as I quit watching it back after the 2007 election.
Since then lets see, moved to credit union away from bank. Keep very little cash in account. Walk where ever possible as protest and good excersize. No longer motivated to earn more than I need and I try to need as little as possible. Planted a garden every year for past 5 years now. WOrk for myself try to avoid most corporate an government entities in any of my life dealings. No floride. Avoid the Medical community as much as possible. Love my family and care and look out for my neighbors.

anyway I am a Ron Paul delegate V for Vendetta, we are all Ron Paul delegates.


Excellent Sovereign!

I've done verbatim what you have done other than the idiot box still gets used by my wife. She watches seinfeld and Lifetime. I sometimes watch sports but not much anymore. I walk a lot, I keep almost no money in my credit union and we have minimized in a big way. Our lives off the hamster wheel have been terrific! Virtually no stress and we sleep great. I too work for myself and I don't have any health coverage. I've never felt better in my life since I stopped going to the doctor every 3 months.

And then

bump some positive posts so they go down the list faster sink em down the list and out of sight