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As Memorial Day Nears, a Single Image That Continues to Haunt

This picture had me crying.

Taken by the photographer Todd Heisler from his 2005 award-winning series for The Rocky Mountain News, “Jim Comes Home” — which documents the return and burial of Second Lt. Jim Cathey of the Marines, who lost his life in Iraq — the photo shows his pregnant widow, Katherine, lying on an air mattress in front of his coffin. She’s staring at her laptop, listening to songs that remind her of Jim. Her expression is vacant, her grief almost palpable.

see picture and article here: http://atwar.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/25/as-memorial-day-ne...

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Very Moving. Show this to everyone who claims

Ron Paul is not electable. I saw Dr. Paul on Greta back in February and it is one of the best youtubes I have ever seen. Listen to his voice at the end of the interview trail off when he says " there on the front line, they are dying, and they don't even know what there dying for". It also just brings tears to your eyes.