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Need Help: Who is better to support in WI Senate Race? Neumann or Hovde?

Hey, I am asking for help from my fellow Wisconsinites for Ron Paul. I am trying to figure out who is the better candidate to support in the Wisconsin Senate Race.

Mark Neumann has a better record of supporting small government, fighting spending and the like, but he is amazingly quiet on the Federal Reserve and his foreign policy is a bit vague and Santorum-sounding and that seriously disturbs me...

Eric Hovde has a strong anti-Federal Reserve rhetoric in his message and has spoken highly of Ron Paul. However he has said some suspicious sounding things about TARP apparently and may have one or two other beliefs which are a bit suspicious as well.

I am Lost. Can anyone help me shed light on this situation? I would also appreciate links to back up whatever claims are made for or against either candidate.

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Hovde is a fraud to peel

Hovde is a fraud to peel votes away from Neumann. Thompson is the establishment's boy is not doing well who convinced Hovde to run to attract the Ron Paul supporters to strengthen Thompson. a couple of weeks ago I was not going to support anyone, but I have now decided to vote for Neumann because I believe he will listen to us like Walker did over the uproar of trying to implement ObamaCare and selling of our state owned utilities to a subsidary of the the Koch Bros (Walkers number one contributor).

I am supporting Neumann, but my support is like Romney's support from his base, the lessor of many evils.

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I agree

this is a tough one.
I was at the convention on may 12 and talked with both candidates.
Do not have any links for you, but can tell you what comes from the heart: Mark Neumann should be U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. I trust him to represent us, the constituents from Wisconsin. Take a look at his Wikipedia page concerning 1995 and Bosnia. Under a President Ron Paul, I believe he would listen to his constituents regarding foreign policy...how many bases to close and where. Hovde seems to me like an establishment insider. Just another politician. Another reason I support Neumann:(a personal thing) He's a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran of the same synod as my maternal grandparents belonged.

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