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Cincinnati GOP opened "Romney Victory Center"

Even though they say it's not connected to his campaign. WTF!?


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Romney/Victory: Oxymoronic

or just moronic

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Anyone in Cincy interested in doing a sign-wave

in front of Mr. Obamney's Victory headquarters?

This is not something to get worked up about...

Not worth it at all. Fact is, CNN alone is doing far, far, far more damage to the national mindset than this thing ever possibly could...

Romney victory center

That needs to be added to the "list" LOL

Fight fire with fire

Open Ron Paul victory centers in all major cities.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow


That would blow our covert operation. LOL

Ohio is filled with self-serving political idiots.

Except for Jim Berns, libertarian candidate for OH-1 house seat, stand up guy, like a big-hearted dude-- he's pretty fun to chat with. He's probably the first libertarian I have ever met in person, of course, not like I ask people what their affiliation is openly.

And Mr. Kucinich(even though I do not agree with everything he stands for), too.. never had the opportunity to meet him yet.

...gave a semi-blistering comment on that article.

Tales of Vesperia - Resolution of the People ~ from 'Ring a Bell'

Yes, our passive nature thus far... hasn't stopped law breaking

The RNC needs to be called on the carpet. Rule 11 - A. - no 3rd/shadow party. 11B - no "victory" while another is still in the race. You get the idea that these GOP minions are following party bosses at the national level. LAWYER UP.

And then in 2016, all they

And then in 2016, all they have to do to get rid of Rand Paul is declare him the victor and gethim DQed.

NONE of this is Romney's doing. It would in NO way disqualify him. No one is telling the millions of voters who voted for Romney "Your vote doesn't matter because a GOP official opened a victory center."

Believe it or not...Ron Paul is not a fool. In fact, he is a trillion times smarter than you. (Not an exaggeration) So if there was ANY merit to these complaints, he would be bringing it up.

There's a very long list of

There's a very long list of complaints including a felony for vote buying. You better hope he isn't saving all of it up so he can jizz it in your face


oh for sh#T sake!

basically pulling a psyop to convince the people that this is what is real. OR they are TRYING very very hard to piss off the Ron Paul folks so that should something happen at the convention somehow its Ron Paul supporters fault. wait. That's already assumed.

man this is aggravating.

GOP opened it, but it's not "official"?I

In violation of Rule 11a.

GOP opened it. Period.

The GOP opened it. With what did they open it? Lawsuit. Call Uncle Ben.

already posted on Ben's Facebook

page. I hope he covers it.

Benn Swann

Reports out of Cincinnati.

Send this to him it could be interesting.

Ben Swann is a nothing.

Ben Swann is a nothing. Literally a nothing. He has ZERO power, and ZERO expertise on the subject. He is nothing but a rinky dink local affiliate, making $22,000 a year, and likely to be fired in 3 months.

People need to stop hitching your wagon to such a nobody just because he shares your views.



To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

I am Seething

..After reading this...I don't Facebook.
Perhaps someone here will "paste" my remarks to these idiots.

My Reply/Comment:
"For this blog to "boast" that it "has a combined 123 years of reporting experience."...followed by this trashy bravado :
" If you want to know what's going on behind the scenes"...

...123 years? a Pompous boastful statement, and I have a suggestion to be considered: If YOU want to really know "what's going on behind the scenes"????
Your "supposed" news story is in regard to GOP/Romney Victory HQ....which includes the "allegation":
" the office is not officially tied to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.".
THIS does NOTHING to clarify such a statement as to its veracity...WHOSE assessment or determination of "facts" ..or as you'd describe it "What's going on behind the scenes" is this?

How about "What's happening" right under your nose?

You expose yourself to being the Romney-NeoCon-Presstitute that this propaganda journalism implies...and you confirm this with a "blanket statement" the likes of which JIMMY OLSEN,"cub-reporter" would be ashamed to submit to his editor, namely Perry White.
Shame on you! A High School reporter has more integrity.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Well, just like the Team Nevada thing....could this be third

party also? What does the Ohio state law state...hey Ohioans~


State law?

These are in violation of RNC rules period, They know he's lost by the rules now they're going to set up this shadow party and run him anyway, so who's splitting the vote?

Certainly you are correct..and if I recall, back in Nevada, a

third party needs to be property registered...I'd assume something similiar applies in Ohio....so there's the possibility of two lawsuits versus just one!:)