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Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse Ron Paul When Asked Directly

I attended the Republican Liberty Caucus "Liberty Candidates Lunch" today, where I attempted to get an endorsement for Ron Paul from Ted Cruz. Here's the conversation:


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I wonder if this guy Trygve olson

is also part of this Freedomworks group. Anyone?

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Please help Ron Paul win

Please help Ron Paul win South Dakota www.southdakotaforliberty.com

Let The Bastard LOSE


Please, DO NOT VOTE for this man. If it's between Ted Cruz and some other douche bag, the vote is ABSTAIN you idiots, NOT that lesser of two evils bullshit again. He's a "moderate" liberty advocate and there is truly NOTHING WORSE. Let him lose!


I don't like the look of this guy. I thought our questioner was right on target. Someone take a real stand for liberty.

I don't think people are seeing the full picture

I'm a Texan. I think Cruz is just trying to appeal to all the neocons and business people in Texas so he can win. If he endorses Paul that might cut his donations from big business guys, oil money you know? He is up against our Lt. Governor Dave Dewhurst for the Senate nomination and Dewhurst is corrupt as hell so Cruz needs all the support and donations he can get in order to beat Dewhurst in the run off election. In Texas the Lt. Gov. is actually more powerfull than the governor. He runs the senate and appoints people to positions and posts. He can also oversee legislation through the house. Now, I have heard that Dewhurst has said that anyone who backs Cruz will not be able to get any bill past him (Dewhurst) on the floor. So Cruz is up against alot here. I agree he should have more political resolve in this situation because I think he secretly likes Ron but I do see why he is doing that. He can always endorse Paul if he wins the nomination (I doubt it would do much though.)Rand endorsed Cruz though so I think that leads more credence to Cruz supporting Ron. Secretly at least.

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this guy

sounds like a typical politician.

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I supporting Glenn Addison.

Some time ago I read an article that may have surfaced on the THE DAILY PAUL about a speech Ted Cruz gave. Until then I was considering Cruz. Unfortunately Cruz made a statement that the NDAA was going a bit too far but he did not disapprove of the Patriot Act. Sorry , no enchilada.

I'm casting my vote for Glenn Addison because he aligns with people like Richard Mack, Jack Hunter and Tom Woods, folks that do not approve of NDAA nor the Patriot Act. That is the bottom line for me and has nothing to do with the accusations Dewhurst has thrown at Cruz.

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Jack Hunter supports Cruz



Cruz isn't perfect, but he's very solid on the Constitution. and if Dewhurst gets more than 50%, you can have your wish and not have Cruz (or Addison) as senate candidate. Dewhurst winning the primary would be a defacto automatic. No way will a Democrat win the senate seat in Nov.


Who the hell cares. You're a

Who the hell cares. You're a thinking person. It doesn't MATTER if he's running against someone worse. If there's bad and worse, the vote is called ABSTAIN. Stop acting like a plantation slave who gets to vote for the next foreman.

Stop acting like a holed-up hermit

and letting the system continue with candidates like Dewhurst that killed the will of the Tx people and blocked the Anti-TSA law.


this thread

this thread just really got me thinking,Dr.Paul i wont vote for romney and noe i cant trust Rand.i would rather see Dr.Paul give up then give in.and i donated 2500$ and now i feel betrayed.i guess you cant trust no one.get ready for the evil


I feel ya man. I gave up on

I feel ya man. I gave up on Rand back when I heard his interview on Antiwar Radio during the campaign. Then with his commercials showing fighter jets and tanks and shit, I said, that's it, to hell with this guy!


That so many in this movement have been hoodwinked into supporting the lesser of two evils bullshit again makes me so sad.

Yea, this guy is too sketchy.

Yea, this guy is too sketchy. He could easily say, I believe Ron Paul would make the best Presidential candidate BUT I will support the GOP nominee. He doesn't have to denounce Romney, he just has to support Ron Paul. If he doesn't support Ron Paul then he's clearly just saying what he thinks everyone wants to hear after all.

"Addison endorsed Paul so I'm

"Addison endorsed Paul so I'm voting for him" - says the sheeple

Still waiting for ONE PERSON TO DEFEND ADDISON with reason and logic - Seems like none of y'all know WHY you are voting for him, just why "Cruz is a scumbag"


Go To Addison's Website

I love it when Ted Cruz trolls instantly discredit themselves. How about lifting your fingers and go to glennaddison.com unlike Ted Cruz who has no issues page, Addison has detailed stands on a wide range of issues. If you really were looking for the best candidate you would make the effort to find out more about Glenn Addison. Let me give you one very good reason why Ted Cruz can't be trusted and Glenn Addison can: Goldman Sachs. Ted Cruz has deep very troubling ties to one of the most corrupt financial institutions on the planet that ripped us all off for billions in TARP funds.

Ted Cruz Top 10 recipient of Goldman Sachs campaign donations both in 2011 and 2012

Ted Cruz's law firm represents Goldman Sachs

Ted Cruz's Wife Heidi Cruz, Vice President of Investments at Goldman Sachs


Alex Jones said yesterday that Ted Cruz's wife is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Thanks for proving my

Thanks for proving my point,

But I'm still waiting...

The guy is talking about liberty...

as his main issue, and then he refuses to endorse Ron Paul? Makes no sense whatsoever. How can such a person be taken seriously? I'm afraid they can't.

You Obviously dont understand Politics

If you Endorse one candidate you alienate the supporters of the other. Quite frankly I believe Ted Cruz handled this trick question very professionally. If Ted Cruz is going to be elected he is going to need the support of ALL the Tea Party, those who supported Next Gingrich, Prick Santorum, AND Dr. Ron Paul. So next time we get our rocks off on Endorsements just remember when Ron Paul AND Rand Paul BOTH gave their endorsements to Ted Cruz.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


There ate two candidates left, a progressive and a libertarian. Make your choice.

If Ted Cruz endorses Romney,

If Ted Cruz endorses Romney, will still have the same attitude?

John Lennon said

Your words tell me one thing, your actions tell me another. I think that says a lot about Endorsements really. I can give two shits how many Endorsements Ron Paul has under his belt. Dr. Pauls voting record tells me he is Exactly what this country needs right now.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Agreed. When it comes to

Agreed. When it comes to standing up for principle in his votes and statements, RP is pretty close to perfect. Unfortunately, he is not the best strategist or campaign manager.

wolfe's picture

I watched the video...

And I have two things I took away from it.

He made a political decision, which is his right to make. I will call attention to the fact that Ron Paul does not reciprocate endorsements either.

He was asked if he would endorse Gary Johnson (who did endorse Ron Paul) if he failed to get the Republican nomination. I am not a fan of Gary Johnson, but Ron Paul has endorsed similar candidates, but he refused because Gary Johnson is running as Libertarian. When Gary Johnson was asked about this, he was very respectful of Ron Paul's decision.

The second thing I took away from this was that you were rude and pushy with him.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Ted Cruz is not an elected

Ted Cruz is not an elected official and is trailing in the polls. Not sure why anyone would want his endorsement until he wins an election somewhere. This is a troll thread.

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Troll thread?

Your comments are completely ignorant of the situation in Texas. Ted Cruz can make it into a runoff with Dewhurst all bets are off at that point. He's trailing in the polls but he's polling close to being in the runoff. He's a Nationally known figure, there are lots of people who would want an endorsement from a man with his connections. Rick Perry asked and got Cruz's endorsement. Rand Paul had already endorsed Ted Cruz. This is very relevant to the central issue of this post that Ted Cruz is portraying himself as being a Liberty Candidate, in fact the event that video was shot at was a forum for Liberty Candidates. With over of a year of opportunity after he was endorsed by Rand to prove that he's to be trusted by Ron Paul supporters Cruz endorsed Rick Perry. Ted Cruz is just as bad as Dewhurst they are both Neocons with a different cover story to give the illusion of choice.

Why would a Texas candidate

Why would a Texas candidate want to alienate Romney or Paul supporters? If he endorses one, then he pisses off the others.

We are talking about one of the select few candidates in the entire nation endorsed by BOTH Ron and Rand Paul. It is not just Ted Cruz that says Cruz is a liberty candidate.

You claim both Cruz and Dewhurst are the same, but your actions prove otherwise. Because you work to undermine the voters of Cruz, but do nothing to undermine the voters for Dehurst. Hence, the net effect of your activity is to benefit Dewhurst, directly against the wished of Ron and Rand Paul.

You also claim Cruz is neocon, without evidence. But that is contradicted by evidence. Neocns back gun control, Cruz opposes gun control. Not only that, Cruz is one of the most decorated defenders of gun rights in the United States:

"In the landmark case of District of Columbia v. Heller, Cruz assembled a coalition of thirty-one states in defense of the principle that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms."


I repeat. This is a troll thread.

Thomas Jefferson 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Rand Paul 2016, 2020.




Glenn Addison