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Supreme Court Decision Overturned? Now Allows Indefinite Detention?

Not that this is news to ANY of you DP regulars out there, but I thought I would share my latest facebook post about how the Supreme Court ruled that citizens deserve a civilian trial, even during war time. Now, the NDAA trashed that decision along with the Constitution.

Here is the post:

After Lincoln was assassinated, they tried, via a military tribunal, Mary Surratt. They convicted her, and she was hanged. Her son, who had much more evidence stacked against him, was set free later when he was given a civilian trial and he was judged by a jury of his peers. This happened because the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that all U.S. citizens had the right to a civilian trial, even during war time. Look up Ex Parte Milligan.

This is the question that weighs on my mind. Why then, do we now overturn that decision to not only to not grant civilian trials...but to detain U.S. citizens INDEFINITELY with NO trial? (2011 NDAA)

Not only that...but our own government is assassinating it's own citizens now. OPENLY. The crazy part is that you know about it...the crazy part is that I'm the one you call crazy when I remind you of our RIGHTS.

Ask yourself. If you don't stand up and demand a fair trial to those who are "terrorist"...then who will stand up for YOU when the honorable U.S. Government claims that YOU are the terrorist?

The answer is NO ONE. You are the resistance. You are the voice that needs to be heard. Let it be heard. Save our country.

End Post.

Hope you guys liked it.


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Just a point.

It is no longer your government, but an unelected government of the UN.Your vote no longer counts, and is just a process to make you think you live in a democratic society.
Most Western countries are in the same boat.

Well to be fair, it is still

Well to be fair, it is still the government our great grandparents elected, which never ceded power


Guess that extra ammo I bought will come in handy

Because the sleeping giant is waking up