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Can Paul supporters then form "shadow" Republican parties too?

In states where Ron Paul competed but where they had primaries rather then caucuses, I believe Ron Paul could also form "shadow parties" , if it is not illegal by RNC rules and win delegates there too. But of course we have to make sure it does not break rule 11 rules. If it does skip that cause soeone else said, it disqualifies Romney. Fair is fair.

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Ron just cannot work for or accept "your" nomination

It's kinda already got a name - superpac.

It's all about the money, wall street = the fed, how are we going to to get justice when it is for sale?? All lawyers and judges Should take an oath of poverty!

Not one judge in this country can get an indictment for a blatant, well documented false flag mass-murder, but we have indefinite detention for the luckier witnesses.

We are going to need guns to get justice. just sayin'.

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

It is against the rules and

It is against the rules and would disqualify him immediately, besides we'll have the official party they will have their attempt to split the vote.