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Farewell to Americans Elect

Farewell Message to Americans Elect
(into the echo chamber)

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I was going to 'vote' on AE but they required more personal information than my tax return. I actually started to worry about web security stuff and never signed up all the way.

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The security requirements

did seem a bit overwhelming and would be illegal under the voting rights act in other party primaries. Still not sure I understand the motives but it did seem set up not to help Americans elect a president but to gather information.

on the other hand, I was bit frustrated with Ron Paul supporters discouraging all particaption because they thought that it was set up to ferret out potential Ron Paul GOP delegates for disqualification. sure among the 2 million plus Ron Paul supporters, there were enough out there to get him a thousand votes in 10 states those be persons who were not considering running for a delegate position within the GOP.

This points up to how this exclusive delegate strategy has failed. The campaign was right to pursue electing delegates to influence and eventually take over the party but it was wrong to discourage efforts to put his name on the ballot through other means.

dont worry - they will pull out a new scheme to divert voters

to another branch of the international banksters without a chance for change in 2016.

We inform us through the net.
But Politics is made from face to face - eye to eye.
Not in the basement or in a virtual controled space in front of a computer...

All the talk in the net is worth nothing if we dont show up were it matters.

As said from the beginning..all efforts towards AE were useless from the start.
I hope the lost souls were engaged in the physical process out there too..if not.. ..then the board of directors has reached its goal.




I try to change people every day. Do You?

For the acronymically challenged...

could you please translate?



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