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Tampa Bound! In it to WIN it! You Can HELP!

Help send our Maine National Delegates and Alternates to Tampa this August for the Republican National Convention. Ron Paul supporters across the State have overcome numerous obstacles to get to where we are today. Disenfranchisement, voter fraud, harassment from the Party elite, dirty tricks by the Romney Campaign and repeated attempts to obstruct the will of the assembly and derail the business of the convention.

Despite the odds, we elected a Convention Secretary, Convention Chair (by 4 votes), National Committee Man and Woman, 2 out of 2 National Electors, 21 out of 21 primary delegates, 21 out of 21 alternates as well as a power shifting share of new Liberty Minded State Committee Members - all thanks to the hard work, sacrifice and dedication put forth by many Maine Patriots.

The expected cost to attend the Republican National Convention is estimated to be $3,000 per person. This includes travel, food and lodging for what will become a historical 3 day event. All the donations we receive will be split between all of the delegates/alternates who face this extra financial burden in the cause of liberty. Please consider making a donation today!

Maine for Ron Paul 2012

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Rides For Ron Paul and Campfest 2012

Rides For Ron Paul is a volunteer group dedicated to helping as many Ron Paul supporters get to Tampa as possible. They help to coordinate inexpensive rides, and are now coordinating an inexpensive place to camp as welll!!!!


What do you think of this? www.theonlinemarket.org

Wait a Minute ?

I think Texas Congressman Ron Paul has had it right all along . While the Corruption and Fraud in these 2012 caucuses and primaries have been exposed for what they truely are , I believe many of these Die-Hard Democrats and Republicans have begun to make the transformation from voting for a political party to voting as Ron Paul has stated , ' Their Conscience ' . Romney is made out to be a Man of Intergrity and yet WE haven't heard nothing from Romney OR the Romney Campaign in regards to the RNC and RNC chairman Reince Priebus's RNC's Rules Violations , mainly Rule #11 . I think the true conservative republican is concerned about this because afterall , if you take into consideration that a majority of republican voters don't vote on the issues as much as they vote for the candidate and his plans to handle these issues , Romney has made himself into something that he is now contradicting , A Man of Integrity by not addressing but rather going along with the RNC and RNC chairman Reince Priebus's Rules Violations . This may sit well with the Establishment republicans but believe me , the ordinary naive republican is probably scratching their heads and saying " Wait a Minute "?

God works in mysterious ways!

This is awesome!God Bless everyone one of you!

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Ahhh ... you think?



We will be no longer accepting donations. We are currently coordinating to make sure everyone can attend. Due to the FEC rules it has been decided to end the donation at $970.00. This is AMAZING! Thank you for all of your help, advice and donations! We will be renting a 6-8 person van to drive down to the convention which is much cheaper then purchasing 6-8 individual plane tickets. The $970 raised should be able to cover most of those costs! Again thank you for all of your generosity!

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Pedal to the metal folks!

You can stop by my house on your way South for breakfast if you wish. Farm fresh eggs, local bacon and yes, yaw milk..ha!

Here's an idea

All the Veterans for Ron Paul march at the RNC in Tampa Bay while in uniform and with lots of Ron Paul signs so the media can't spin it saying they support Romney. :D

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

Coordinate and plan the trip and accommodation in Tampa

Coordinate and plan the trip and accommodation in Tampa during the Republican National Convention here.

Regarding the high hotel costs and living expenses during the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August, which is estimated to be 3000 U.S. dollars per person, is a threat to the democratic process during this election.

So I wonder if you have to stay at the hotel in Tampa, which is booked for delegates who will attend the Republican National Convention. If not. Surely there must be Ron Paul supporters who live in Tampa who can offer free accommodation for Ron Paul delegates. And it must surely be Ron Paul supporters with cars and buses in each state, which can offer free lift for Ron Paul delegates to Tampa. What is required is to coordinate and plan this on the internet, preferably here in the comments section, because each user can be contacted privately here at the Daily Paul by clicking on their names.

All delegates must register, that they will stand as delegates in Tampa, even if they can not afford it now, this must be arranged for August. You could at worst cycle to Tampa and stay at a campground in a tent, or is it forbidden?

Shouldn't ...

The delegates have thought of the money factor before signing on? Not being a Negative Newt, but it seems like that would have been top of the priorities?

You Are A Negative Newt

What these delegates have done against such odds, fraud, and total corruption is so remarkable....and I praise each and everyone of them. They deserve all our support!

Did you never hear of first things first? At least they participated and got elected.

One step at a time. The money will come to send each and everyone there! It is only FRNs........paper........not worth the ink and paper they are printed on ...Remember that and try to be as helpful and generous as you can, with your words or support and FRNs if you have extra to give!


Dude....are you freaking kidding me?

Many of those delegates in Maine do not have a lot of money. But you know what Jhorne....if it wasn't for those people showing up to the state convention, Paul would not have taken Maine.

If we would have waited for all the Maine Paul supporters with money to show up to the state convention, Romney would have won all those delegate slots.

You're either a troll..or an idiot.

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go easy on jhorne.

There were plenty enough of us with resources here to go to Tampa and still have "taken Maine" without any problem.

The only blame I place is on overly enthusiastic supporters wishing to be delegates not thinking it through enough and magically thinking in the excitement of the of the moment, they could make it happen.

It is quite understandable, but potentially damaging nonetheless. Fewer delegates and alternates would be a shame after all their efforts and good intentions.

Again...I am willing to pitch in, but it sounds it won't begin to cover stated shortfalls.


Don't worry about it troll...I mean Henry. Those Maine delegates will get the money one way or the other. 21 delegates.....3,000 a piece.....that's about 66,000. They will raise the money one or the other.

I'm sure the patriots here at the DP won't let them down...and will chip in the best they can.

I used to do what I called

E-campaigning for Paul. I mostly did it during money bombs. It was nothing official, just something I did to help out on my own personal time. I just spammed the hell out of all Paul friendly videos and Alex jones videos to get people to donate to money bombs. I couldn't afford to donate much, some times not at all. So I figured it was the least I could do.

If you guys do a delegate money bomb to make sure all the delegates get there, post it here on the dp and I will do the same thing I did for Pauls money bombs. I don't want Ron to lose because some patriot couldn't make it to represent us and him do to financial problems. I think your money bomb would do great. :)

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Liberty is being able to ask?...

Questions. Plain and simple! Calling people names because they ask so, just proves your the one with a problem. Dr.Paul doesn't call Mitt Romney names nor should you call fellow Ron Paul supporters names either. We all don't have to be
clones here. Individuality is why I signed on in the first place, and for me I think plans through. It was just a question.....relax.

Liberty Is Also Having An Opinion...........

And my opinion of you is that you are either a troll....or an idiot.

I've been part of internet forums since the late 90's....and I've seen trolls like you, Henry...etc. Your job is to cause division....and sow the seeds of discord. I've seen strong forums taken down by trolls...that won't happen here though because you and the other trolls will be gone after the convention.

My advice to Michael Nystrom would be this....from now...until after the convention....no more newbie posters. They can read all they want....but do not allow them to post. That would take care of the troll problem...instantly.

And before you start with the free speech post....this is Nystrom's site....and he can do whatever he wants with it.

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Hold on a minute there cowboy!

First off I am no troll. You seem to very adept at name calling, including "Idiot" and "moron". And you want to talk about divisivness?

I have worked very hard here in Maine and have driven dozens of people to our camp.

I'm thinking the discord you have with me began in earnest last night when I mildly disagreed with your attempt to elicit funds to send folks to Tampa.

You seem to have misunderstood my intent.

I fully intend to support the delegates from Maine and wish them the best.

The point you may have missed is it never should have been an issue!

The delegates were to be vetted to ensure they were able and ready to go.

My thinking was:

1. Live within your means (pay your way)

2.Honor your contract (as a delegate)

3. Bailouts are usually counter productive and often lead to dependency.

If you continue to advocate for the banning of such folks as myself then I think you may be on the way to suiciding the movement.

I am praying for the safe arrival of all delegates and alternates to Tampa to make Dr Paul the place in history he deserves...President Paul!!!

Thanks Henry...

You nailed it! I love Maine and what they did but I agree with your other comments as well. If that makes me a troll or idiot then so be it.

Awwww......How Cute....

The two trolls are sticking up for each other. How adorable!..lol

ZMAN70 is a cyber bully

But...I love him/her anyways.


Troll #2

P.S. Goodnight. Remember the true test is in Tampa, not with fellow Paul supporters. Even though you don't have this Trolls back, I will have yours at the convention. Just hope you realize that. God bless!

No more Wars!!!

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this is how we lose

Grow Up !!!

You talk negativity and demonish it at the same time ... no new ideas?

I think you may just be an angry person.

It is my time to move on,

My time to move on with the Revolution with you lagging behind!



Is it any surprise you're backing down once I asked you to email me your info so I could check with organizers in your area?

No surprise at all.

I'm not an angry person...I just don't like trolls.

Goodbye Henry.....tell Mitt I said hello. :)


How to E mail?

Mail :)

No One But Ron Paul 2012!

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you have got me so wrong

There is Nobody but Paul for me.

It seems you are looking very hard for an enemy, It aint me babe!

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No! Tell me how to E Mail you!

I a am a very open and willing book.

I Can't wait.

Hey Henry.........

You say you're not a troll....I say you are. If you're driving people where they have to go then this is an easy fix. I know many of the organizers in Maine through my brother who is a delegate.

Send me an email through DP....give me your name and what part of Maine you live in. I'll contact the organizers in your area...and we'll find out just what kind of help you've been putting in for the campaign.

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I would be happy to reply

I live in Kennebec County but started with meet ups in Belfast in October 2007. I was a delegate at the state convection in 2008.

To note, my party registration changed Nov/07.

I find it kind of humorous that you have to be be a long time Daily Paul er to be credible.

Some folks on this site suck!


Augusta is in Kennebec county I believe....I'll be waiting for your email.

We really didn't have a troll problem during the last cycle. This cycle....we have trolls aplenty.

And its not humorous....its sad. Trolls make the long-timers suspicious of newbies.

Trolls on this site suck!

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I'm embarrassed to ask how to e mail you :(

I'm old, remember and not so good at this.

I Have no problem telling you who I am.

What button do I push?

He just doesn't

get the power of us who believe in liberty!
we will get them to Tampa!


No One But Ron Paul 2012!