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LVRJ: Paul Takeover Complete

So now that the chairman and vice chairman of the Clark County Republican Party have quit to join the establishment "Team Nevada," can we officially classify the Nevada GOP as a bona fide third party?

Poor state Chairman Michael McDonald is virtually the only non-Ron Paul supporter left in the state Republican hierarchy, gamely trying to keep the factions together so as to support the party's central mission: registering Republicans, getting them to the polls and electing GOP candidates.


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The article gave me an idea for a t-shirt:

Ron Paul
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The author of the article - did he not say that the GOP is now

"the third party"? Wrong. It's the shadow new Team Nevada Party that is a 3rd party. 1. Democrats 2. GOP 3. Team Nevada Alas, the rules of the GOP itself state-any hint of working w a 3rd party? disqualifies you from the national ballot.

I'll say again, "Central Mission" is not electing Republicans...

UNLESS we agree on what a "Republican" is!

...gamely trying to keep the factions together so as to support the party's central mission: registering Republicans, getting them to the polls and electing GOP candidates.

If a Republican is someone who backs the vast majority of the Republican Platform, I agree, that is the central mission; however, if a Republican is anyone who panders sufficiently to get 50%+1 of the electorate to go along with him or her, then that is manifestly not the central mission to see that he or she is elected!

Candidates are the MEANS to achieve political ENDS, their election is not the ends-in-themselves!

The establishment

is just so used to "team players" like Rick Santorum. As long as he has an R in front of his name the establishment can count on his vote. Real Republicans in national politics are hard to find, like a remote.


Every Delegate has the right to abstain there vote.

incorrect spelling : Their vote NOT there vote..

you had the word spelled incorrectly... Just saying

I've said this before, Team

I've said this before, Team Nevada isn't a party, and therefore can't be a "third party". It's just an organization that is being used for a 6 month electoral operation. Like it or not, the rules aren't being broken and nothing with the delegates changes.


They created this "Third Party" to

Bypass the Republican Party in Nevada because they didn't like the results. That is a very childish and arrogant reaction of some rich kid not getting his way. rombama has forfeited the Republican Party Ticket to run a Third Party Ticket. Think he'd bypass congress or anyone else that didn't agree with him? Just like obomney. It's called Tyranny.

Team Neva(da) Mind!!

A better name for these "third party" creeps...

team nevada?

is that what its really called? lol

Team Nevada?

Pfftt ! Sounds like Team America....Durka Durka !!

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

The shenanigans of the

rombama and the RNC Team Nevada "THIRD PARTY" needs to go viral that's for sure.

Third Party - rombama/RNC shadow party in Nevada

Here's another observation, since rombama and the RNC are starting a shadow party in Nevada, bypassing the GOP Republican ticket is rombama now running on a third party? Priebus violated the RNC Rule #11 by announcing rombama the presumptive candidate when the primaries are on going. Now they are bypassing the GOP Republican ticket to redirect funds to rombama and his shadow party. Is that legal? Someone sure needs to look into that one.


All delegates are NOW unbound to vote for the only candidate left in Nevada!! Ron Paul 2012!!

Team Nevada violates the rules and Romney is out in Nevada!

20 delegates are still

20 delegates are still "bound" to vote for Romney on the first ballot. Nothing has changed.


it is because romney is in violation of rule 11b

they just realized that Romney can be disqualified by working with the third party team Romney. Now they are trying to switch it so Romney can be nominated. Right now he can't.

wtf? Team Nevada is the third

wtf? Team Nevada is the third party.

Alot of misleading statements

Alot of misleading statements in that article.....TEAM NEVADA is the SHADOW PARTY.....we are now the REAL GOP party of NEVADA.....some have such a difficult time printing the truth!

ytc's picture

Ok, stm, I HAVE to insert your logo & poster here. . .

to augment the concept / image of this article.


This is Interesting

I believe it is not unheard of for splits like this to occur, and for the "unofficial" group to apply to become an affiliate of the party, and then for the national party to have to determine which one can join and be official.

In other words, it's a good thing that there are Ron Paul supporters in the pipeline from all the other states.

If it seems like that's about to happen, and you want the GOP to pick our group, my suggestion is to suggest that you might join the LP if they don't pick you, and see if you can get some Democrats and independents to pledge the same. Nothing would terrify the GOP establishment more, than to run the risk of coming in third in elections in a state.

Additionally, any member or delegate should file charges for any documented wrong-doings with the judicial committee to ensure that anyone who abused their power is not ever elected to such a position again.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The Nevada GOP is not a 3rd Party. Team Nevada is.

The group which won leadership positions and takes over from the recent convention is the Nevada GOP.

Team Paul

As discussed on other threads, if they can successfully form a third party, transferring all of the GOP power and resources to the new third party, we should watch closely.

By legitmizing this action in the Ron Paul Districts, they would give us an option to take back the Romney Districts by forming Team Paul parties.

If nothing else, this will provide solid evidence that Romney and his followers have no intention to follow unfavorable rules and laws.

Gene Louis
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A Citizen-Operated Legal System.


As far as I see it, "Team Nevada" is the 3rd party, not the Nevada GOP.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

"Team Nevada" = the "Shadow Party"

If the Shadow party endorses even one candidate that the Nevada GOP (Paul people) have to run against, they should be banned from the whole party. If the hold themselves out as being affiliated with the Republican Party they should be sued for fraud. (The new Nevada GOP should vote to ban any interaction in the state with the RNC that does not go threw them!)

I ought to have a monument over me when I die. Not for anything I've done, but for the foolishness I've put a stop to!

Grover Cleveland — our 22nd and 24th president

Yeah....they need to propagandize it so the sheeple start

believing their side first. I have noticed this in more than just this article; it's a trend.