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Robin Koerner, Founder of the Blue Republican Movement - Interviewed by United Press International

"Politics 2012: Ron Paul strategy keeps things interesting
When he bowed out of actively campaigning to capture the Republican presidential nomination, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul said he wasn't interested in disrupting the party's national convention in Tampa, Fla., in August."

"Koerner attributes Paul's popularity to the fact he's "like a breath of fresh air" in today's politics, has held steadfast to his principles and has been "correctly identifying for many years the true drivers of state of this nation and the state of American politics."

A physician, Paul has taken the "first do no harm" maxim into the political realm and his followers "think maybe we should try that. There's just so much passion for him," Koerner said.

Building frustration with Republicans and Democrats means the 2012 election could be a watershed year for the "non-Republicrat paradigm Ron Paul represents," Koerner said. "The question has always been, what is critical mass his supporters need" and how quickly can it be reached?

"I think we might already be there -- certainly in a sense there are now many issues that have been mainstreamed [since] four years ago," he said. "Republican can talk about benefits of peace; can you imagine that under [President George W.] Bush?"

Read the entire article at - http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2012/05/27/Politics-2012-Ron-...

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"U.S. Rep. Ron Paul said he

"U.S. Rep. Ron Paul said he wasn't interested in disrupting the party's national convention in Tampa, Fla., in August."

Lol dude, the good doctor doesn't have to do a damn thing. We're the ones who will be kicking ass in Tampa to get him elected! Boots on the Ground home boy! Boots on the Ground!

Big ups to Robin! It's because of the Zeitgeist Movement that my brother and I first saw Dr. Paul and learned about him, and it was because of "Blue Republican" that we actually went forth to get involved in the rEVOLution. We learned so much from Dr. Paul that there's no way we could ever go back even if we wanted to. And I'd rather be spending my young life fighting for LIBERTY! We've learned that there is no Left or Right. There's only the constitution. And that's all that matters in the end. Both sides will pander to the masses and say what they want to hear in order to get their votes. But I'm so done with that bullsh*t. America needs to wake up and fast!

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

Your comment may get deleted

I like your comment brother. Everyone needs to understand this so they won't feel like they are going against family traditions or their peer groups.

I posted this comment a little while ago and it was removed. I commented on an article that the writer of it was talking about following the Ron Paul movement but she was a democrat and wanted to bring this movement to the dem party. Can someone please tell me why this post and the article would be deleted??

I have learned so much by listening to Ron Paul's message than I ever thought I could accomplish in a lifetime. Not to mention, I learned it in 3 weeks!

I truly admire your ability to find connection with a group of people that you have always disagreed with. Moreover, I am very excited that you, along with many other democrats and liberals etc., are starting to understand what the solutions to America's problems are. More than that, I am overly excited to see that more and more Americans are discovering WHAT the problem is, the GOVERNMENT.

After reading this I have come to the conclusion that Satan's power is everywhere in our lives, even if the thought or intention is good. With that said, you need to understand one of the biggest messages that this movement is trying promote. Even though Ron Paul is a republican and we are trying to get democrats and independents to vote for him, we are also trying to get EVERYONE to understand what a REPUBLIC is. We first and foremost need to get Ron elected and then we can end the divide that our government and mainstream media promote. We do not have to have race issues, social and gender issues, and social class issues if we follow the word of the Constitution.

My question is, how is promoting liberty to Americans but at the same time feeding what destroys it any better than what we already have?? You have to go back to the beginning of our country to understand that America does not need a democrat and republican divide. That is where the problem is and that is where the solution is. We are a republic promoting a republic society. Get away from the evil that is still residing in the very people that mean good. Everyone of Paul's messages has a message within that breaks the barrier of sterotypes that many people have been trained to live by. That is because his message comes from the heart of our founders and now hopefully to the heart of Americans.

Everyone please after Paul is elected do not let his true message slip away from us. Once we train society to have the heart of our founders then America can finally begin to make their death and sacrifices for our freedoms actually mean something. We must protect it, hold it, teach it, remember it, see it, feel it, provide it, conquer it, and never let it go, not for anyone or no once, because freedom is only on our side and it has never been so fragile in our country's history.


As a former...

...neo-con, I second what you say! Isn't it awesome that something like this can bring us all together!? The left wing/right wing/one bird party has kept us all divided and fighting for years with the social issues. Those issues will never completely be resolved because of personal reasons and/or convictions. It's amazing that if you remove those issues we actually are all on the same side! Look at all the debating and issues on the news. They aren't even focusing on what matters! The wars, the debt, and the unconstitutional laws being passed! No, they are talking about who's going to pay for birth control & such! They do this on purpose! They cannot focus on what really matters because Americans will easily see that both sides are really the same. It is a distraction from the truth!...So glad to be able to share with you!!! No more republicrats!=)


It is absolutely ridiculous to see once you understand it. I mean basically if you take away the names, people still have the same issues with only one solution, the constitution. People are so caught up in what happend 4, 8, or even 20 years ago that they forgeth that you have to go back almost 100 years to find where it started. People for some reason can not imagine that our problems today are a consequence of almost 100 years ago.

If people see this then this will wipe the establishment out! I can not even watch news because it is SO focused on blaming a group of people. Both sides are limited to what each of those foundations promote- race for democrats, war for Rep, social problems for dem, rep hate black and mexicans, and I could go on and on and on... Why cant we have the constitution back, and just everyone be able to live their lives without worrying about what the government will do next. Make congress go home and make the President give the power back to the people and only protect this nation.

People are so corrupt minded. How can anyone give an oath to follow the constitution and do nothing but that and still have respect for the founders. People have surely taken this country and its freedoms for granted and now we are paying the conseqences. Hopefully it is not too late. I dont think it is but I know once Paul is elected it is still going to take some time to people's thinking correct. I mean what is the media going to say once he vetos everything and restores the constitution. Crazy thought.


Thank you *applauds*

For the very excellent article. This thankyou and applause goes to the the writer of the article and the poster. I really needed this kind of news. With everything the campaign has said, which I eventually got over and the lies from the msm it was nice to see someone not counting Paul out. Someone that still says he can win, it made feel alot better. This was very though. It points out how simple it is for Paul to win. I hope all of you who go to Tampa make that win possible. Fight hard!

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

henry9's picture

I loved the label "Blue Republicans" when first coined.

That was what I was >5 years ago, but it was not as clearly defined at that point. It was not hard for me to hold my nose knowing Dr Paul was the real deal and sheep will be sheep and lemmings will be lemmings.

I'm very proud of your efforts!

Thank You Much!!!

It could make all the difference.

For Liberty....Lets roll!!!

Koerner inspires

Thank you!

Zak, would you please ask Robin if it would change

anything regarding our support with him or the average Blue Republican voter if the Dems dumped Obama and went with, say, Hillary? This is something I think they might do if it looked like Paul was seriously challenging him?

Robin Koerner's picture

Not even a little bit.

Hillary would have to start saying things that put her outside the Republicrat establishment and within the liberty movement ... and I've not heard her do that.

Hillary seems to have conducted herself honorably in her position but she's not indicated any concern or dissent to current administration/Democrat policies against civil rights, for crony corporatism, and for a militaristic foreign policy.

Wow! Hi, Robin.

It's an honor to 'meet' you. That makes me happy. I think there would be some on the fringe of disappointment with Obama,but for those whose hot button is the foreign intervention, I can see she would be no better. I have a cousin by marriage who is ready to vote for Ron simply to jettison Obama but that's mostly because he backed off of single payer medical, which she considers the best thing any president could do for us. She would walk across burning coals spread over broken glass to vote for Hillary.

Well said Robin (as always:)

Even my uber liberal father that you converted to a Blue Republican would never get behind a Clinton and sees her and the rest of the Clintonites as part of the problem.... it was a Clinton that had us involved in the Balkans and myriad other parts of the globe after all! (well most of the globe!) At a time when it would have made perfect sense to end the Empire. (early/mid 90's) Isn't she advocating for war with Syria right now?

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Excellent, Robin and Zak!

Excellent, Robin and Zak! This event is going to ROCK!

Lazy or Understaffed

I don't know if reporters are lazy or just understaffed. They rely far to heavily on quoting each other rather than doing their own investigations.

Yes, I know it would be difficult to get an unbiased count of delegats, but come on: how can you call it journalism to report that the AP count is being called "wrong," and not do a re-count?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I think it's understaffed...

Newspapers are hurting (and closing) and that has a direct impact on outfits like UPI and the AP.

As Robin wrote me this morning "it's all grist to the mill!" The goal here is to spread the Blue Republican meme, and this article really helped with that!

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Marc Grossman

of the State Dept, was heard to brag that all he had to do was fax a story he crafted to the newspapers and they would print it under one of their staff's name.

(He's also the one pointed out by UN translator/whistleblower Sibel Edmonds as one who uses his position to broker black market nukes and pass on sensitive information to Israel. Remember the DOJ put a gag order on her when this first came out during the Bush years. He quietly stepped down when all this broke, and went to work for lobbyist firm The Cohen Group. Now shockingly he's back to the State Dept. courtesy of Hillary. He should be in prison for treason! Sibel is trying to get them to investigate him, but no one is listening.

His loyalties lie with Israel; another dual citizen influencing US foreign policies .

Now she can speak more freely and has a book out. She writes a blog called The boiling frog.

RP R3VOLution

And I really need to..

Look into this...wow...thanks for sharing that TJ...

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Thanks Zak

I was just about to post this article.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thanks for almost beating me to it LL:)

An interview like this could be the one that really gets Robin's phone ringing - I might not have to beg for interviews for him anymore, and that is my goal!

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