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Swiss Co. Accused of Stiffing U.S. $750 Million for Food to Troops in Afghanistan

NOTE: What burns me up about this story is why in the hell was the DoD buying food for our troops from a company in Switzerland? The US economy could use the "business". Of course I know the reason...war is a racket. When it was decided that a war needed to be fought to enrich war profiteers I guess they had to include the swiss multinational corporations in the spoils of war too. Even though I don't beleive the swiss committed a single solider.

"Seven years after it was hired to provide food to troops in Afghanistan, a Swiss company has been accused of overcharging the Department of Defense about three-quarters of a billion dollars.

Supreme Foodservice AG of Switzerland has been paid $5.5 billion since 2005 to deliver water and food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, to U.S. forces at about 246 sites in Afghanistan"


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Speaking of RACKET?

Has anyone watched War Inc. ???

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Milo Minderbinder

And that's the catch.

Free includes debt-free!

Swiss Co. - A (Not) Funny Coincidence -

Reading your comment, I googled Supreme to see what was so special about it: seems they've perfected the art of delivering food to "troubled areas." I hastily penned the following comment, "If you look up their niche, and given that Americans are both innovative and entrepreneurial, no doubt it's been our GOV'T REGULATIONS that precluded a U.S. company being able to provide the same. http://www.supreme-group.net/index.php?pageid=425" But, I decided to first read more about it. Am I smart! It was founded by AN AMERICAN, a former U.S. Army food service soldier. http://www.supreme-group.net/index.php?pageid=451 I also noticed that a "Supreme U.S.A." was founded in 2009. I don't have all day here, but I threw it into the googlesphere, and because of the words I used, an article happened to come up: the SUPREME Court threw out a case brought by opponents of a similar FOODSERVICE company start-up. The problem? Not state or federal gov't regulations, but local zoning plans - in line with an INT'L agenda. Buda, TX is a "Greentown" = ICLEI = Agenda 21. http://haysfreepress.com/2010/06/11/supreme-court-throws-out...

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Good Finds Mdef

Well, "good" is probably the wrong choice of words but thanks for the info.

"It's a wonder we can even feed ourselves."

Thank you for the enlightening post. It burns me up, too!!! Between the corporate ties to government and all the lobbying that goes on and behind-closed-doors deals, including the priorities of the military-industrial complex; along with all the federal regulations by these myriad non-elected "czars" who, against the Constitution, have become de facto legislators; along with the country's signing onto U.N. policies like Agenda 21, with its map already drawn for allowable land-use in America (and Obama's have already usurped control over farmland); and also U.N. policies like Codex Alimentarius that, in the name of international trade/re-distribution of resources thwarts our food freedom and has citizens who wish to distribute non-irradiated, organic "raw foods" thrown into jail; along with what would seem to be the deliberate dumbing down of America via our failing education system... I couldn't help but think of the last line of this Dylan song, IDIOT WIND. http://www.videohippy.com/video/158185/Idiot-Wind--Bob-Dylan

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

5 billion

Is a good chunk of change. Wow.

Someone must have good connections to this Swiss co.