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Groundbreaking! Ron Paul supporters heard at Town Square!

Thanks to Malcolm Fleschner at Current TV for making this happen!


(Ron Paul segment starts @14:30)

".......Should Ron Paul be the 2012 Presidential Candidate of choice for active duty service members? Do veterans get the appropriate health care and job opportunities when they get back home? Michael Shure (host of TwenTYTwelve) leads this weeks panel to discuss these issues and more with Michael Prysner (Iraq war veteran, co-founder of March Forward), Sheryl Shaffer (host of Veterans Helping Veterans), and Robert Vaughn (CA State Coordinator of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign). Special thanks to Kevin Rooney (Emmy Award Winning Comedy Writer), and Adam Kokesh (activist and former marine, host of Adam Vs The Man) for sending in points."

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Just another corporate shill

It certainly is transparently blatant bias when from day one EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW has the interviewer saying something like this: "Ron Paul will not win the nomination." or "Ron Paul will not be the next president." When Michelle Bachman, Herman Caine, and every single one of the other jerks that were running were still in the race, it never mattered how badly they were doing or how much they showed themselves to be idiots, no interviewer ever said these kinds of things about them. NOT EVER! It just makes me grind my teeth and makes me want to shout at the interviewer and wonder why nobody ever calls them on this undeniable fact. Why doesn't somebody just ask them: "Hey, buddy, did you ever think that Cain or Bachman or Perry was going to be the nominee, and if not, then even after they began to fail and falter, why did you never say such things about them but you do about Ron Paul? What is your reason for that?"

That is the $64,000 question

Why is it RP can have such passionate support among so many and be scorned universally by seemingly diverse media sources both left and right? I would love to be able to connect the dots and trace this back to a source. Maybe then we will find the Buddha on the road.

Is it just me?

Or is Kokesh looking more and more crazy/conspiratorial. With his beard and his expressions. He really should be careful, because he would make the perfect patsy, being former military and his recent comments against a certain candidate.

Ron Paul segment

starts at 14:30

Thanks 07..

I knew I was forgetting something!

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