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There is not a single pharmaceutical drug that actually makes people healthier

"Pharmaceutical companies provide corporate sponsorship (money) for scientific journals, medical school textbooks, and political lobbies. A pro-pharmaceutical bias has been scientifically documented and in the British Medical Journal [8].

Med students study drugs in almost every quarter of their degree, and take, on average, only one class on nutrition.

There is not a single pharmaceutical drug that actually makes people healthier (pause for cries of indignation). What pharmaceuticals do is mask symptoms (anesthetics), destroy cells indiscriminately (Chemo and other cancer treatment drugs), or introduce small amounts of disease (vaccinations). There is not a single one that actually harmonizes the human body. Say what you want about “having these options in your back pocket,” but recognize that none of them are good for you, and none of them cure disease. Only the human immune system can do that.

The Solution: don’t expect an industry run by pharmaceutical conglomerates to keep you healthy.

Become an expert on your own health. Learn and implement harmonious nutrition, exercise, and hobbies. If you don’t get those 3 figured out for yourself, your health will deteriorate, and the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry, will not save you. It’s time we empower ourselves with understanding.

For more complex health issues, explore alternative approaches that are harmonious with the functioning of the human system. Some awesome options are acupuncture, reiki, and chiropractics. For health consultations and checkups, you are better off with a naturopath or homeopath than a conventional MD. And, finally, if you have a chronic pain condition and feel that you just need some relief in the interim period while you heal, toss the semi-synthetic opiates out the window, and roll yourself a joint. That’s just my two cents.

Conclusion - My hope is that this information will empower you to realize that you can affect change today. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed and paralyzed; recognize the change that you can make in your life, and begin with one small step. Transfer your money, buy a bike, invest in a solar co-op, cancel your cable, and eat some organic vegetables. Do not underestimate the power behind these actions.

To change the world and free ourselves from these systems, it is going to take a lot of change from everyone on the individual level. But that long road starts with one person taking responsibility for their actions, and just putting one foot in front of the other. Be that person. Change the world."


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Watch Food Matters and Forks over Knives

You'll see great examples just how much healing can come from nature's food (vegetables) and how cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases are reversible through proper nutrition and use of vitamins and eating whole foods and raw foods (unheated or oxydized).

I highly recommend these movies along with "Fat Sick and nearly Dead" and "Vegucated"

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Great topic; Great thread


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tell your doctor you don't want any drugs for your surgery.

go to the dentist and say no to drugs

if you happen to suffer from allergies and asthma and anaphylactic shock, you let those pharma goons know you don't want an inhaler, epinephrine, or benadryl

refuse supplemental oxygen for sure. they cause fires.

forget those life sustaining organ transplant drugs too.

and forget about anesthesia for your emergent c section and all those drugs that dare to meddle in your natural childbirth right.

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There are Naturaly Occurring Healing "Remedies" out there

And the FDA has been moving as quickly as possible to shut them down! Were it not for my PhD Nutritionist/"Homeopathist", I feel fairly certain that Tradititional Medicine would have taken my life by now. They most certainly gave it that ole "college try"...

Ancient Middle-Eastern and Native American Remedies should NOT be discounted...just because Big Pharma can't make a buck off of hawking a naturally occurring plant, for example... Can't be 'claimed' as theirs from their "Laboratories".

Susie 4 Liberty

Here are some of my articles/compilations

Are vaccines causing mutations, creating a similar problem as antibiotics?

Herd immunity from vaccines is nothing more than vaccine quotas

A collection of news articles showing examples of those in positions-of-authority who undermine our trust

Compilation of mistaken vaccines given in spite of exemptions and other vaccine errors

Various graphs that PROVE vaccination didn't save us from polio, measles, mumps, etc

Regarding vaccines, we were told these things with a straight-face by experts and officials

THEY are coming after your unvaccinated kids (A compilation)

A collection of mainstream news reports and studies exploding the whooping cough vaccine myth

Can the government and pharm empire be trusted? (A compilation of conflicts-of-interest and unethical trials)

From 1920 book - "Compulsory Vaccination Condemned by Our Courts as Unconstitutional"



It makes no sense. What's legal is often worse

It's puzzling to see all of these commercials for pharmaceuticals on T.V. that have horrible side effects and sometimes even cause death. Companies can sell these things to people and Marijuana is illegal? Makes no sense.

Don't you understand?

It's not supposed to make sense!
Nothing our government does makes sense!
It's about money, power, control!
This is just one tentacle of our domestic enemy!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Are you familiar with

Are you familiar with antibiotics?

Antibiotics indiscriminately

Antibiotics indiscriminately kill bacteria in the body (including the vital ones in the digestive tract, which are crucial to immune function). Chemotherapy does the same thing by killing as many healthy cells as the cancerous ones, and GREATLY increases your risk for other cancers.

The pharmaceutical industry is the very OPPOSITE of a free market, thanks to the FDA, which stops any companies or individuals who want to enter the market. A very large amount of the FDA's higher ups are "Ex" pharmaceutical company CEO's etc.

To sum it up, the pharmaceutical industry is completely corrupt; thanks to government intervention into the market.

I agree wholeheatedly with the libertarian stance.

I happen to sell all types of medicines whether allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, vitamins, minerals, etc... And, have a degree in physiopsychology.

What really chaps my ass after 24 years in the field is; we are still having to deal with a medical industrial complex who seem to think their area of medicine is the ONLY medicine.

Lastly, anyone who is scheduled for a hospital stay of ANY duration and does not take anything to boost their immune system, before, during, and after, is a fool. Hospitals are nothing more than germ pits.

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AFter hospital stay, I came HOME with a massive staph infection

Which 'called for' SIXTY DAYS of IV antibiotics...VANCAMYCIN. Which were not covered by my insurance - ever four day supply? $500 out of my pocket. More to that story, and too tired to write it!

Night all

Susie 4 Liberty

well my tiny little pill is keeping me alive

Might not be "good" for me but without it my thyroid would not produce enough hormons and my organs and brain would shut down, I would go into a coma and then die. Yes there is a way to treat it natural with iodine but the levels are very hard to measure and regulate. I cant even imagine how its done from home.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Have you sought alternatives?

Have you sought alternatives? If not do so and have no fear...

13 No servant can serve two masters; for either he shall hate the one, and love the other, or else he shall lean to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and riches. - Luke 16

you need to research thyroid

you need to research thyroid diseases yourself before you make an ignorant comment to someone like that.

At 14 while following a healthy diet and running every day I was suddendly very ill. I lost so much weight I looked like I could have escaped a concentration camp. I was so dehydrated I was unable to walk because my muscles couldn't function. It was discovered I had type 1 diabetes. My own white blood cells had attacked and killed the insulin producing cells in my pancreas. I began taking synthetic insulin and within a few weeks I had normal blood sugar was no longer dehydrated and got back up to healthy weight.

Without insulin I would starve to death. insulin brings the nurtrients from your food to your cells. Without insulin your body can not use the nutrition from your food.

before you tell me to go do some resaerch and find an alternative to insulin, I have read enough books on the subject to fill a small library and have spent countless hours reading every thing I can find on the internet. There is no cure. Actually, no one even knows what causes the immune system to attack healthy tissue and destroy a vital organ.

I have done extended fasts, every cleanse under the sun, vegetable juice fast, raw food diets, makers diet, herbs, supplements, vitamins, nothing can replace insulin and so far no one has found a way to 1. restore my pancreas and 2. prevent my white blood cells from reatttacking my pancreas.

Also don't confuse type 1 diabetes with type 2. They are not the same disease. type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can be reversed with lifestyle changes.

Thyroid diseases are often

Thyroid diseases are often successfully managed by lifestyle (mainly dietary) changes. Type I diabetes is a different story, however.

There is maybe hope..

It was discovered that the vast majority of Type 1 diabeticans have still sufficient amounts of Beta Cells even after 40 years of insulin medication.

Tamara Lebedewa discovered that most Type 1 Diabetes(and other disease) is caused by Parasites that eat insulin right from the Beta Cells.(!!!)
She discovered that these parasites attack weak organs.
The Organs are weak cause of toxins, unhuman food(carbohydrates, cow milk), psych problems, stress, wrong body posture(spine-brain-endocrine system - connection disturbed), electro smog(solved through earthing) etc. etc.

Lebedewa discovered that these parasites can change shape in different circumstances. They are also immun against radiation(they thrive in it) and many other medicaments.
She tried to kill them with different stuff and found out that russian cranberrys(mooseberrys) kill them(0_o)(I discovered that it lowers my bloodsugar already years ago). Sunflower oil draws them and you can swish it around in the mouth while having the berries in the stomach. Then you spit it out.(she saw how they moved under the microscope when sunflower oil was near them)

She advocates to cleanse the whole body.
Vermouth and many other stuff.
MMS, MMS2 and CDS in combiantion with DSMO can help here too.( I choose that)

She is blocked and ridiculed as everyone who has a not mainstream solution.

I'm myself a typ 1 diabetican and I always thought that the explanations were not sufficient and illogical.
They say the pancreas will never recover..and know they found out that the pancreas still produces Beta cells. It made never sense that all cells renew every 50 days but beta cells not. If the beta cells were the enemy for the immune system then our body would destroy them immediately wouldnt it?

The Honeymoon phase and the medical explanation is also a farce!!

The insulin drives of pressure from the pancreas so it can recover for some time they say. But the enemy is not insulin its the beta cells I thought.???? So the immune system stops attacking the beta cells cause new insulin is there? BULLSHIT!
After my first insulin shoots I needed lesser and lesser Insulin very fast and was for some time without any insulin.

Here is a more logical explanation:
The Parasites who eat insulin get a new source of insulin when you substitute it. This freely available Insulin draws them away from the Beta Cells. The Pancreas has then more freedom to work. Tough, the parasites do adjust and grow in population as they have now more stuff to eat and soon the "honeymoon"(fuck whoever associated that name with this disease) is over.

Since I started fighting it with the ideas from Tamara Lebedewa in mind I reduced my needed Insulin daily(after one month 50%). I know that cause I eat daily the same stuff.

What I do is:

I eat a low carb diet and sometimes even zero carb(feel great with that). Carbohydrates are the enemy and not needed for humans to survive at all.
-> you want to lower the Insulin intake cause the insulin feeds the parasites.

Body cleaning:
1 week MMS2: slowly increasing dosage.
Then overlaping I use CDS with DMSO. Slowly increasing the dose. Every 3-4 days I pause and refill my body with minerals and vitamins.
While I do this I bath in a MMS+DMSO solution.
I swish Sunflower oil through my mouth several times a day to draw the parasites into it and spit it out.
I already felt better and insulin did go down slowly
Then I added the cranberries in capsules and cut back slowly the mms and CDS(they are antagonists).
I eat 4 capsules of cranberrie daily while still washing my mouth with sunflower oil(15 minutes a time).

I see daily improvement.(you will feel bad in the start..-detoxification)

I changed my posture. Many Type 1 diabeticans have bad posture. I breath freely. I walk at least 2 times a day or have a intense fitness training.

I eat many foods and herbs who seem to be beneficial for the pancreas and the whole Insulin cycle.(gymnea, bitter melon, cinnamon..)

I changed my way of thinking. Positive outlook.

I'm in contact with many type 1 diabeticans and they are all brainwashed that their condition cant be changed and it will be forever this way until they find a cure(and so it will). Many Type 1's have the same hectic and dramatic traits.(me too) Other people get weak hearts or livers or other stuff. the body responds to our brain and emotions..
Type 1's feel attacked once you tell them there might be away. NO NO NO you lie snake oil my doc said..ITS INCURABLE!

Well, I encourage everyone to search and inform yourself with an open mind. Beware most diabetes sites are connected to the Insulin Industry and promote their products.(start with lebedewa)

Most say you should follow the FDAA recomendations for the diet of 60% carbohydrates!

-They say you can eat everything as long as you inject enough Insulin. ^^

I researched this stuff for years thoroughly. No help from the docs! They refuse it. Its unsafe (for them..)

You still take insulin

You still take insulin though? You said you were able to lower your levels by 50%. Were you not able to come off it completely?

not yet

as I said Im doing it since a month. Im prepared to do this for as long as it takes to get totally of insulin(oh my god would that be great !).
I dont want to instill false hope in anyone but for me every small straw I could grip I take. So its amybe abit premature talking about teh possibility of healing if it hasnt yet. I eat the same every day(cycling the greens to get everything) to test how my bloodsugar and insulin reacts and the numbers are clear. As soon as I stop the treatment the numbers go slowly up again.
I hope they dont get some sort of resistance against the stuff.

I read from some people who did the same and had lowered their insulin in the short run and then they had no improvement over weeks and they stopped the protocol and lost the discipline. One even reported he had too much hypoglemica so he needed to stop(duh! it worked!). Doesnt look like there is a fast solution :/..

I'm sure that this might take several months or even more cause these parasites seem very resilient and their ability to change the form helps them too. (I would love to know about this treatment when I was in the honeymoon phase)
They also move freely through the body(they are very small).

If you have still some of them left and stop the treatment they multiply again.
Its a bit of a fight and. We all remember when we suddenly had type 1 diabetes when the balance moved probably towards the parasites.
I guess even when I reach my goal I will need to use some sort of protocol to prevent them from attacking again.

This explanation of parasites makes the most sense to me and I read about every obscure reason out there. They are responsible for many illnesses.

(Cancer is in many cased caused by them. The body capsules them with cells to prevent the buggers to attack other parts. It tries to move it out of the body with tumors. Then some doctors cut them open and the parasites spread and you have cancer all over the body..it spreads!!)
Some even thrive of radiation(!)

Damn little buggers:

Thankyou for your thoughtful

Thankyou for your thoughtful response and for taking the time to type that all out for me. I will look up all those things. I have read about most of them but not the parasites.

I read and researched this stuff for now

4 years since I was diagnosed. Sometimes reading medical papers and strange stuff(^^) for hours and nights to find out whats going on and how to solve it.
I went vegetarian, vegan, depressed, maniac and what not ;)
tough the puzzle seems to form a picture..

I might need to start a website or blog cause I type this stuff every day on another place about type 1 diabetes ^^ and there are not many open minded websites to talk about this.

I forgot to add to the post that iodine helped some to better their type 1 symptoms too. There are so many connections in the body between the organs, the brain, what we eat, think and even our emotions. Its no coincidence that some people are diabetic, some heart problems, some stomach problems. There is a reason, sometimes just toxins but sometimes also deep stuff from when childhood or whatever.. :/

never give up. :)

I don't believe I was

I don't believe I was speaking to you,so excuse me if I don't answer your rant.Have a goodnight.

13 No servant can serve two masters; for either he shall hate the one, and love the other, or else he shall lean to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and riches. - Luke 16

I really sorry if i offended

I really sorry if i offended you. I didn't mean to come off offensive at all. I guess "ignorant" was a strong word to use but i feel like you did not listen to the difficulties the person with the thyroid problem was telling you they experienced

I think you dismissed too

I think you dismissed too qickly the point the person with the thyroid problem was trying to make. i was also trying to point out by telling you about what i deal with health wise every day to show that some people do benefit from synthetic drugs/hormones when there is not a natural substition.

I think you took my reply as a rant when i was simply trying to make conversation on the subject

for the thyroid you might research

nascent iodine.

Also most glands problems have a reason in either toxins or emotional problems(sometimes both). Such a problem needs to be solved on all levels. Nothing happens by accident.
To attack any problem it is needed to research everything that you can find about it, no matter how outlandish it sounds. When you have collected all the info you can check if there is something that fits to you. then you can move towards a solution. Its not easy but worth it.

OP is right. The pharmaceutical industry is only out for the symptoms. I dont say that it doesnt help you to survive(as insulin helps me to survive).

Checkout Byron Richards

He is a very knowledgeable nutritionist on thyroid.
Here is a list of his classes online

You can also write him and he often answers in his podcasts.

Unless your thyroid is severely damaged, you likely can restore its function with the right nutrition. If not, you should at least consider using a non synthetic thyroid medication if you are not using already.

Unless you are fully insured

Unless you are fully insured against any ill effects that may arise as a result of your medical advice, you may want to think twice about trying to diagnose and treat someone you've never met over the Internet.

You might want to think about the meaning of liberty

If we have people here who think providing information that someone can decide for themselves to use or not is a crime, then I'm not sure why you are here. This is the kind of thing most of us are all fighting against!

Give me a break. People have

Give me a break. People have been sued for less. Giving out potentially harmful medical advice is never a good idea.

So liberty is a bad idea?

So liberty is a bad idea? People have also been arrested at their state conventions. So I guess that's at bad idea to become a delegate. I suppose we should all just pack up and go home. Giving out potentially harmful political advice is never a good idea.