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Syria - Reality v. Distortion

Reality v. Distortion

CNN, Fox News, BBC, Huffington Post, the Drudge Report and other prominent media sources always follow the exact same strategy at the exact same time.

Their timing is impeccable. Just prior to UN Security Council meetings on Syria – or just prior to a visit by someone of importance, like UN envoy Kofi Annan, the Establishment media will initiate a new phase of hysteria.

First, this media will demonize one side (the Syrian government) and romanticize the other side (the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” heavily populated by non-Syrians, including Al Qaeda).

Consider, for example, the “reporting” of the recent massacres in the Homs province.

The opposition claimed it was the act of the Syrian government. The Syrian government then pointed to the opposition, which, has already been exposed as staging attacks on civilians and then falsely accusing the government (the last major incident happened in March).

In addition, the United Nations’ report of January, 2012 documented numerous attacks, by the armed opposition, on Syrian civilians.

Did the western media report both sides of the story? No.

If I had to bet my life which side killed the families in Homs I would bet that it was the “armed opposition.” They have the track record of youtubing their own wetwork.

Second, the Establishment media cherry-picked the latest report from Secretary General Ban Ki Moon – a May 25 letter addressed to the President of the Security Council, Mr. Agshin Mehdiyev.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s letter is critical of both sides (the Syrian government and the opposition), and this is significant because Ban Ki Moon’s inclinations are normally in alignment with the US and NATO.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s report is accurate in that it describes a cycle, of feedback loop, of violence between the two sides.

There is a Catch-22 here. Resolutions 2042 and 2043 include provisions for the withdrawal of Syrian population centers. But this cannot be happen until the armed opposition ceases terrorist attacks (and it has not, although there is much more stability today than just before the UN observer mission started).

Indeed, remember the February – March reporting on Syria? Oh! Where’s NATO?! Where’s the US?! Endless hysteria… Endless demands that the US and/or NATO act now, to prevent the Syrian government from attacking their own people… That was the party line – and it suddenly had to stop after the UN observers could see that reality was much different. Until now…

In fact, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s report, on page 12, recognizes that the armed opposition (the “Free Syria Army”) is responsible for originating terrorist attacks:

“I am very concerned at large bombings that have caused significant casualties and a heightened sense of insecurity… This threat must be combated in a manner that insures the security of the population…”

So we have an armed opposition employing “large bombs”– and then the Syrian government is scrutinized for how it responds.

Now, we have two official documents (the UN January report and Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s report) that establish that the “armed opposition” the US State Department idolizes employs regular terrorist tactics against civilians.

None of this will be reported by the mainstream press in the West. CNN, Fox News, BBC and other outlets will simply echo Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s criticisms of the Syrian government and will ignore his recognition that the armed opposition is not adhering to the 6-point plan.

Meantime, the growing number of Americans who read multiple news sources must tolerate being perpetually slimed by propaganda.

Even worse than the mass conditioning for the masses are the pseudo-intellectual articles written by people who should know better.

Their work, in the past, prepared the political landscape for military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and for drone warfare in Pakistan and Yemen, and for bounty-hunting defunct warlords in Uganda. They never tire of empire building – of sending American youth to foreign lands, time and time again.

But guess what? It matter less everyday what CNN and similar outlets say. CNN’s ratings are in the toilet.

Westerners are getting their news from online sources. Internet news, once criticized, is of a higher journalistic standard. Sources and links are more readily checked, and readers comment with corrections and criticism. None of that happens on CNN, Fox News or the BBC. They can just talk trash and get away with it – but fewer people are listening every day.

Clearly, the UN Security Council will never authorize a military intervention for Syria. And the use of military force outside the framework of the UN Security Council – for an intervention – is not a possibility.

Even if some future report paints a worse picture, this will remain a Syrian problem. Eventually, stability will prevail over instability; and reality will prevail over media distortion.

Meantime, the US and certain allies are flirting with providing the “Free Syria Army” with assistance, non-lethal or lethal. Obviously, assistance of any kind for the armed opposition within a nation is terrorism.

US officials in the State Department and the White House would be wise not to sign off on assistance (even non-lethal) to the so-called “Free Syria Army.”

Washington has recognized that this organization is brimming with Al Qaeda; ergo, providing the “Free Syrian Army” with assistance (of any kind) invites prosecution under the same anti-terrorist laws that they themselves have been pushing.

Actually, Washington dispensed with anti-terrorist criminal procedure with NDAA 2012. Now we have indefinite detention, without trial. This raises the stakes for those who would consider supplying even non-lethal assistance to the “Free Syrian Army.”

Andrew Bosworth


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Did you see this? BBC Caught

using image taken 9 years ago in Iraq (& published on the web) as propaganda for UN intervention in Syria, citing it was from an "independent source that cannot be verified" - a term they have used often in these Syrian conflicts. Check it out:


They took the story down after being contacted by the photographer. Here is his website:


It is a tragedy someone is brutalizing these innocent people, but do not be led astray by the mainstream media. The PTB have been trying to destabilize the government there for over a year & are trying to justify their actions with lies.

Here is also the

side by side published on infowars.com:


All I know is somebody is killing babies and children

People responsible for that need to be eliminated.

Yeah, two sides are both

Yeah, two sides are both responsible for killing babies and children, and the US is suggesting we take sides with one of those two sides. I've got a better idea. Let them kick their own asses.


It will start up again

Just soon as we leave anyways,If we ever do leave.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.