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Media Bias Against Ron Paul

I emailed the guy who heads Associated Press's election and vote count team this week after reading repeated false information about Ron Paul and the delegate count. I haven't heard back and will be surprised if I receive a reply.

Mr. Pace,
I'm writing to complain about Associated Press's 2012 presidential election coverage. I would appreciate if you would forward this email to your superiors and co-workers who determine how AP covers the election.
Why is AP reporting that Ron Paul is "out of the race" and erroneous delegate totals?


Paul hasn't dropped out of the race, though he isn't actively campaigning in the remaining primary states because of limited funds. That prompted his supporters last weekend to raise more than $800,000 so he can continue to collect delegates at upcoming state conventions. For example, Paul spoke last Friday at the Minnesota Republican State Convention in St. Cloud, where he picked up 32 of the state's 40 delegates. Would a candidate who has dropped out of the race speak at a convention?

Across the nation, Paul is speaking to the largest audiences of any of the presidential candidates, yet it goes largely unreported by the mainstream media who attend President Obama's and Gov. Romney's speeches, which draw much smaller and less enthusiastic crowds. Here's a video clip from Paul's April appearance on the UCLA campus. I challenge you to find a similar crowd, in size or enthusiasm, at a recent Obama or Romney event.

Furthermore, the delegate totals being reported by AP are erroneous because many of the states don't hold their GOP conventions until June. It's as if AP doesn't know how the delegate selection process works or intentionally is misreporting the totals.
Here's a more accurate count:

During the 2012 election cycle, I've observed media blackouts and misinformation about Paul, and read repeated false delegate totals originating from AP.
I wonder why the media is fabricating and omitting rather than accurately reporting the news.
Maybe you can explain.