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Political.com Poll - Wants me to call to verify

I participated in a poll on Political.com and the end it asked me to call and verify my poll submission. This is the message I got:

"Political.com was created for an audience that is tired of and frustrated with a media that has become as partisan as the issues being reported. Our mission is two-fold:

To deliver timely, objective and reliable news reports about what is being debated in the halls of power in Washington.
To provide an interactive forum to share your thoughts and opinions about the socioeconomic and political issues that can have a direct impact on your life.

kristina, please understand we have a responsibility and duty as an independent polling organization to make sure the results and data behind these opinions is verified and accurate. Therefore, we do require you to call in to speak with a polling agent to verify your information. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and for the inconvenience we have a free gift to offer from one of our polling sponsors."

Is this site legitimate?

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It seems ok to me.

Their office is closed right now. I give my second email for junk and called from my work phone that is not in my name.