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Greece to Exit Euro, New Currency to Fall 60%: Citi

"Greece will leave the euro zone next year and the country's new currency will "immediately fall by 60 percent," according to Citi chief economist Willem Buiter.

Greek officials have repeatedly stressed that the country will be running out of cash by the end of June, after which it would be unable to make debt payments and pay civil wages and pensions. An election is scheduled for June 17 after inconclusive results of the May 6 polls meant a government could not be formed."


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Watch Greece and learn

When the government stops the deficit and decline - The people will know where the starting point is to go forward out of poverty and oppression.

Certainly I hate agreeing with the French on anything, but I do agree with their new finance minister when he said an indebted nation is an impoverished nation. If the logic rings true, America is the most impoverished nation in the world. D.C. may not agree but the unemployed and people on skidrow might agree.

Ron Paul is my hope to break the cycle of poverty and treason.