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UPI: "Creative chaos is in favor of the liberty movement, I think everything is more possible than other people think."

"Creative chaos is in favor of the liberty movement," Koerner said. "If Ron Paul's people pull an open revolt, where would others' sympathies lie? I think everything is more possible than other people think."

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Politics 2012: Ron Paul strategy keeps things interesting
When he bowed out of actively campaigning to capture the Republican presidential nomination, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul said he wasn't interested in disrupting the party's national convention in Tampa, Fla., in August.

The libertarian Texan said he would focus on gathering as many delegates at state GOP conventions as he could going into Tampa -- and he's making good on his promise.

Even after collecting the lion's share of delegates at the state convention in Minnesota -- where a Paul-backed candidate will square off against U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar in November -- as well as other states, Paul has a long way to go to catch Mitt Romney.

Going into the Texas primary Tuesday, Romney was about 150 delegates shy of mathematically capturing the 1,144 needed to win the party nomination. Paul had about 120.

But the legion of Paul supporters will tell you those numbers aren't correct, either, since they don't include unbound delegates who are Paul backers and don't account for Romney delegates who could go rogue in Tampa. Which would make things uncomfortable for Romney and the Republican establishment.

Robin Koerner, a member of the grassroots movement backing Paul, says Paul may not get 1,144 delegates, but "there are big, big numbers" backing him, perhaps enough to block a first-round nomination for Romney and force a second round that he says Paul could win.