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Stop Condoms! They are against God's Will!


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There is a big Paul meetup

There is a big Paul meetup group in that area. They already have a slate of Paul supporters to send to Tampa, people with clout, money, and time under their belt. Look them up on meetup.com, contact Jeremy Blosser. The best thing for you to do, if you are already a delegate to the state convention, is for you to get in touch with them and support their national delegates. We can't be spreading our support among many different people, we must all coalesce behind our named delegates. If you are not already a named delegate to state then you are out of luck. I don't know how you could be a state delegate and NOT be aware of these people, are you a state delegate? This was decided at the April 21st conventions.

Yes, I was on the alternate

Yes, I was on the alternate list. I think they specifically screened out people who seemed enthusiastic about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or anything like that. I will contact Jeremy and attempt to get more clarification... I was as said before on the Alternate list and I am just hoping that I end up getting on the Delegate list- but I am not sure about how all these rules work. Thanks for all the help! Cheers- John.

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Be sure to follow FEC regulations for delegate fundraising!

The following is from "FEC Rules for National Convention Delegates," available here: http://www.fec.gov/pages/brochures/delegate.shtml

You are bound by all the FEC regulations about prohibited donations. Be sure your chip-in has a warning against illegal campaign contributions. Don't give our enemies a reason to challenge you at the Convention (not to mention get yourself fined or thrown in prison.)

Who is Prohibited From Contributing to a Delegate?
Individual delegates may not accept any contributions from sources prohibited from making contributions in connection with federal elections. These sources include:

• Corporations (including banks and nonprofit corporations);
• Labor organizations;
• Foreign nationals or businesses (except "green card" holders--those admitted to the United States for permanent residence); and
• Federal government contractors (such as partnerships and sole proprietors with federal contracts).

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