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Ron Paul - Here's The Plan For Victory In Tampa

By Richard Gilbert @USA_Free_Press

Passionate supporters, against all odds, are carrying Ron Paul, State by State, towards Tampa with a longshot belief that they can do what has not been done since the founding fathers penned their names to two documents that will forever live.

In the name of Liberty, The Constitution of The United States, and The Declaration of Independence, well meaning, highly enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters have already achieved impossible dreams at State Conventions.

These Patriots have raised the bar so high that they believe that if only they can convince delegates that they have the right to vote their conscience at the Republican National Convention in Tampa the delegates will unveil their stealth support for Ron Paul & the nomination will be theirs.

Under the radar some in the news media, others in political intelligencia have discovered a modern marvel of americana-Ron Paul supporters are right.

Ron Paul supporters have unleashed a powerful force, the most powerful force since the times of the founding fathers.

The chances for victory are as tenuous as the chances for success in the War for Independence against the mightiest military establishment on earth.

The delegates are under immense pressure from State Party forces to make them believe that they are subject to criminal penalties if they fail to vote, as committed, for whom they are told. Romney is gathering signed declarations of commitment from these delegates with reminders that they are bound by law.

Law,imagine that. Romney commits Felony crimes in pursuit of the nomination with fake delegate slates, bribes, and worse, yet, Romney is now reminding delegates of their legal obligations to vote for him.

Ron Paul delegates are savvy and artful. Videos appear, arguments spread across the social media, plans are made for Veterans for Ron Paul to demonstrate at the convention.

These efforts are successful in making so-called committed delegates want to vote for Ron Paul if only they could. These efforts cannot overcome a delegate's belief they will be criminally prosecuted if they vote their conscience.

Under the powerful spell cast by Romney that the delegates can be criminally prosecuted if they even attempt to vote for another candidate all creative efforts by Ron Paul supporters will fail except one.

With a hard copy of a Federal Court Order in their hands telling delegates they are free to vote their conscience without fear of any criminal penalty on the first ballot, then, and only then, will the unforseen nomination of Ron Paul happen.

Do you believe in miracles? It will not be easy. Contrary to some news reports Rule 38, The Unit Rule, cited as the key permitting delegates to vote their conscience, is not clear and free from ambiguity. Rule 38 contains a contradiction that could be pursausive in court to deny victory. There is language that suggests State Rules must be complied with. There is contrary language that suggests delegates are not bound. There is historical precedent that supports delegates are not bound. In 2008 a McCain delegate voted for Romney on the first ballot and the RNC counted the vote. There is more such precedent in our favor as well.

There is also a Legal Memorandum from RNC legal counsel that supports our legal position, but, a memorandum is not sufficient in court.

Especially given that we have a GOP Chairman who refused to remain neautral, the interpretation of the Unit Rule is perilous territory.

There will be risks in filing a Federal Court case seeking an Order that Ron Paul delegates be seated and that all delegates are free to vote their conscience on all ballots.

There were risks everyday in the War for Independence against that establishment army.

This much is certain, If we do not seek a Federal Court Order there is no chance to win. Ron Paul himself speaks of merely influencing the party at Tampa. His campaign manager has given permission for the party to raise funds for Romney.

Are you in it to win it? We have a chance to win this Federal case. There is no time to waste.

Each of us must find our own inspiration to continue to believe what most declare the impossible.

The impossible, would you really want it any other way?

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So, now that rombama and the RNC

are forming a shadow party in Nevada does that mean the rombama is now running a third party?


They have seen the danger and are preparing to do what they have claimed we were going to do, and of course take all the RINO RNC monies with them, look what they did when they lost in Alaska.

I have only one objection...

It's the Constitution for the United States of America, NOT the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Notice the latter has all caps, and has substituted the "of" in place of the "for".

One represents the real organic document of the founding, and the latter represents the treasonous de-facto articles of incorporation in 1871.

Gotta hand it to the bastards ...they are certainly tricky.

Please from here on forward use the correctly intentioned version.


Cost of the long road to be a delegate at Tampa? = Thousands. Cost of penalty for voting Paul on first ballot in Tampa, instead of Romney? = $200. Value you place on the Presidential Pardon hanging on your wall? = PRICELESS!
(A few facts of the convention inside.)

I ought to have a monument over me when I die. Not for anything I've done, but for the foolishness I've put a stop to!

Grover Cleveland — our 22nd and 24th president

Great post!

The neocomments below it are troublesome, I guess. I think they're dreaming over there in Romulon land. One guy is our new Einstein on rule 38. Oh well, let them remain in their very own echo chamber.
Love the post as we we saying... fantasy.. you could hear a pin drop on the convention floor. As for electing a temp. chair for the convention.. I doubt(ask) delegates are the ones that do that?

I upvoted, but somebody

I upvoted, but somebody downvoted! Why? This is a great read! Please bump!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


no doubt.

optimystic's picture


It IS a great read. Now, where's the link to the legal effort? Any Lawyers for Paul on this? It's time for Action!

Federal Lawsuit coming

Yes, there is a lawyer for Ron Paul supporters on this. I intend to file in Federal Court-9th Circuit. You can read all about it on twitter @USA_Free_Press


"Ron Paul himself speaks of merely influencing the party at Tampa. His campaign manager has given permission for the party to raise funds for Romney."

If that is true then in my opinion Ron Paul shows his true color after all. Most likely, since Ron Paul has for many years not turned his coat from one to another, those words quoted above are spun in a manner intending to deceive a target audience.

Note please the indirect (plausibly deniable) link between Ron Paul and Romney.

Is it just me?

The quote above suggests by way of implication, I suppose, I'm only human, that Ron Paul has given the order, or failed to stop the order, to support Romney, through four nebulous connecting words as such:


campaign manager


The words quoted connect the flow of power from people who support Ron Paul, making Ron Paul more powerful with those contributions in support, and then, according to one possible interpretation of the words, that flow of power is now being transferred to Romney, with Ron Paul's consent, or at least under Ron Paul's watch.

If it is true, then that fact is meaningful.

If it is false, then that fact is also meaningful.

What does it mean?

Those who support Ron Paul are now, by this Ron Paul connection, having their support used to support Romney?

That would be business as usual, to use a common phrase that almost everyone is familiar with the accurate meaning intended.

Is it possible that that sentence is by some measure tricky, deceitful, or ambiguous in a willful effort to support Liberty?

How does someone eventually turn colors?

I want this, or that, and there isn't anything I won't do to get it?

Long ago it has occurred to me to listen to the person speaking, not the interpreter, and that understanding has been well reinforced as being valuable over a long period of time.

No, very often, no, that is not at all what I said, and here, exactly here, is where the communication link fails to accomplish the goal.

If Ron Paul is (or was) for anything he is (or was) for the need to avoid counterfeit legal currency, or my name ain't Joe.

Say it isn't so Joe.

I can't, ask Ron Paul.

Do you support Romney? If so, if Ron Paul says, yes, I support Romney, and I do so with all the support that was given to me, then I can no longer support Ron Paul, to me that would be treasonous to Liberty.


Campaign Manager May have Acted Alone

I only have one source and so I cannot meet my journalistic standard of two independent sources, but, I do have reason to believe that the campaign manager acted without Ron Paul's consent, or knowledge, when giving permission to the RNC to raise funds for Romney.
Richard Gilbert

Vital Clarification

Thanks for that vital clarification.

I think that it becomes obvious under even superficial investigation that corruption is the name of the game within The System, so the Fearless Leader must always be aware of a lurking Brutus, Judas, or Mittens minion.


matters not

Read the rule its not other campaign managers who have to agree to it. And the penalty is spelled out just like in rule 15 which they also broke and 38. but the bottom line is no one can be bound under Federal election law and any state that tried to prosecute for voting your conscience would itself be in violation of that law and your civil rights. Which is why the 2008 legal opinion from the RNC was all delegates are unbound.

Federal Election Law Does Not Apply

Unfortunately, Federal election Law does not apply to a private organization's process of selecting a nominee. The GOP is a private organization. federal Law does apply to a number of factors that candidates engage in, but, not the delegate process of voting.

Of coarse, no one would be criminally prosecuted essentially for the same reason. There is no criminal law that applies to how a private organization selects delegates or what the rules are vis a vi binding vs non binding. However, Romney is intimidating delegates with affadavits signed under penalty of perjury. The penalty for perjury is crimninal in nature although Romney is using it solely for intimidation