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New Hampshire District Admits Ron Paul Votes Not Counted
Sutton township reported Congressman had zero votes, actual number was 31

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The head clerk of the New Hampshire town of Sutton has been forced to admit that Ron Paul received 31 votes yet when the final amount was transferred to a summary sheet and sent out to the media, the total was listed as zero. The fiasco throws the entire primary into doubt and could lead to a re-count.

As we reported earlier today, an entire family voted for Ron Paul in Sutton, yet when the voting map on the Politico website was posted, the total votes for Ron Paul were zero.

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris contacted the head clerk in Sutton, Jennifer Call, who was forced to admit that the 31 votes Ron Paul received were completely omitted from the final report sheet, claiming "human error" was responsible for the mistake.

Two or three votes not counted could be a plausible mistake - but 31 votes for one candidate?

"The classic method for rigging a hand count is to write the wrong number on the form," Harris told the Alex Jones Show.

"They are counting everything in public real nice, they fill out a form in public real nice and then they transfer it to another form and they call that a summary sheet and then that is the one they send in," explained Harris.

"What happened is she said they did not transfer the number correctly and put zero instead of 31 - that is unacceptable as an answer."

With 100% of precincts now reporting, the map originally listed zero votes for Ron Paul as you can see below. It has now been updated to reflect the 31 votes Paul actually received.

The remainder of the 31 people in Sutton who voted for Ron Paul need to go public immediately with the charge of vote fraud and make it known that they were cheated out of their right to vote.

Harris estimates that it could cost the Ron Paul campaign as much as $67,000 dollars for a recount, but such a move could throw the entire primary into doubt, especially in light of the fact that Barack Obama appears to have been cheated out of a win by Hillary Clinton.

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If we say we trust him, let's trust him

Hey all. I have a question. If Howard and Kucinich are demanding (and paying for) a recount, won't, "All" the votes be recounted? Could the good doctor benefit? Maybe this is all academic since the chain of custody of was broken.....but I am curious.
An opinion for those who say they would no longer support Paul if, "He" does not demand a recount. Some things to consider: If Paul asks for a recount, could the MSM use that against him? Possibly make him look like a sore loser - waste his time/resources - especially if he remains 5th place. Maybe with the other candidates requesting, it will benefit Paul? I hope so. The other thing is I really think Paul wants, "US" to take action. Whether he wins or not, something bigger has begun - a rekindling of patriotism and respect for the constitution, a remedy for apathy, hope for the future, etc.... I feel it in my gut.........and it is good. Also, I think he is quite busy travelling, meeting people/shaking hands, preparing/engaging in battle at these debates, etc... The man is 72. In my humble opinion, he deserves our support and understanding. Let's fight the good fight.


Once a recount is requested or demanded it is a recount of all votes for all candidates.

Look here - 31 for Sutton


Kill this rumor... this is embarassing... Do your homework before starting forums.

Sleeping at the wheel DonnaMatrix?

Did you read the article DonnaMatrix? Have you kept up on this issue or are you just out to "kill" rumors?

So here is a recap. After polling closed Sutton had ZERO votes counted for Ron Paul in Sutton, NH. People that lived there who voted for Paul became whistleblowers. People tracked the information down and now Sutton OFFICIALLy lists the omitted 31 votes.

So of course the website that you linked to shows 31 votes. However, this was changed to 31 AFTER they got caught omitting it!

So, to you, quit being embarassing and attempting to kill a rumor that is not even a rumor. This, voter fraud, is FACT, not RUMOR. Thanks and please do your homework before posting. :)

I second what PeacefulKancer

I second what PeacefulKancer said.

I third it.

I third it.

i forfeit

get it?
"forfeit" - like 4th it!
get it?

not true !!

please stop spreeading false allegations.. from what we know right now there are many precincts with less than 10%. check http://ronrox.com/paulstats.php
don't just trust the next best post in a forum.

oops... that should be the reply to sharkcity's post about the handcounts a bit below

It Seems To Me That //

If Voter Fraud is in fact something that can BE PROVEN, because there is evidence of the same -- THEN you folks out there in computer land that suggest we look the other way are just as complicit in a crime as the ones doing the crime. Your reason(s) would be of no importance. If the evidence is there -- I need to repeat that.

Now if it is there -- THEN this is a crime that strikes at who it is we claim to be // a free and honest democracy;

Now if it is there -- THEN this is a crime no different than the sh*t (the type of lie) some third world dictator would have the world believe is how they maintain control // because the people want it that way (a lie).

Folks if we have reason to believe that some gangster has gotten their hand in the election process, the same process that the United States of America holds up to the free world as evidence of our basic freedom and rights -- AND WE DO NOTHING ABOUT IT -- THEN we are a sham nation no better than the worst place on earth you might imagine. All that stuff about 'our founding fathers' and 'the Constitution' would be just as GWB tells us it is -- nothing more than a goddamn piece of paper.

Let's get off the couch and support the effort fully ($$ if that's what it takes) for this re-look (re-count) be it right wrong or otherwise. This is too important to allow it to be less than what we want it to be -- i.e., a true reflection of the will of the people.

My $.02
(-- but I am certainly willing to personally contribute my fair share of $$ towards getting this done -- just tell me how and when and I will gladly give it.)

Seriously -- somebody take charge here..

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Vote Fraud Confirmed in both Iowa and NH. Demand A Recount Now!

Bev Harris was on Alex Jones today. She heads up www.blackboxvoting.org. She was also in the HBO special, "Hacking Democracy" by Russell Michaels. Every American should watch this documentary. Vote fraud has been going in this country for 20 years and 'they' do it in many ways. It is only now that large numbers of people are finally catching on. Go to www.hackingdemocracy.com/ and see how easy it is to commit vote fraud with these new Diebold machines. You can listen to the Bev Harris - Alex Jones interview stream which is looped over and over again at: http://www.infowars.com/l... and be sure to listen to Alex's show on Thursday with the follow up. Bev's organization documents all confirmed cases of vote fraud on her website at www.blackboxvoting.org. Vote fraud was not just against Ron Paul, but also against Barrack Obama to ensure a win for Hillary. The main stream media is giving all kinds of reasons to explain the discrepancies between the polls and actual vote, (Obama was ahead in seven polls) without saying or giving the obvious reason, vote fraud. In other words, all kinds of plausible reasons are given, without saying the real reason, vote fraud. This is a psychop diversion tactic that the media uses often to divert the people. This tactic also dilutes the pool, so that vote fraud can be dismissed if it is ever brought up. This is why it is so important to document the fraud. During the interview with Bev Harris, people called in showing they cast their vote for Ron Paul and their township showed zero for Ron Paul. Suttan had 31 confirmed votes for Ron Paul and the township showed zero. New Hampshire uses townships instead of counties for some reason. Bev called the town clerk in Suttan, Jennifer Call. Jennifer said that the hand counted vote gets written down and it is then transferred to another form and sent to the main location that tallies all the townships. When the vote number for Ron Paul was transferred to the other form, instead of 31, 0 was written on the new form. Jennifer said it was human error. Bev said this is unacceptable. Like give me a break. This is not rocket science people and it wasn't human error, because the same thing happened to other townships all over New Hampshire. This was organized! Alex Jones created a web site www.ronpaulwarroom.com for anyone in Iowa and New Hampshire to document all their individual cases. It is growing fast. It is amazing. Please go to this website and register and take a look at all the documented cases of vote fraud in New Hampshire so far. If you are from Iowa or New Hampshire and you experienced vote fraud report it on this website. In New Hampshire, you will see candidates won by the same percentage in all the townships. One comment on the website: ronpaulwarroom.com — you can see clearly by looking at the column in red how much the electronic voting machines gave or took away from a candidate. Ron Paul lost 2%+, whereas Giuliani got a 0.5% boost, stealing 4th from Ron Paul. You can also see that Mitt Romney really didn’t have 31%, but something closer to 25%, a throw of 6% in his favor.

So, vote fraud was not only committed by the hand counts, but also by the Diebold machines. These machines are more prevalent in South Carolina. Therefore, expect to see a lot more vote fraud in this state.

It does no good to donate to the Ron Paul campaign if the election is going to be stolen. From what I have heard so far, it appears that Ron Paul may have taken first place in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Alex Jones has Ron Paul on as a guest often. He is going to try and contact the campaign to get them to do a recount. It will cost the Ron Paul campaign $67,000 per state. Alex said he will try and raise the money himself. If a recount is not done, this vote fraud will continue in all 50 states. It is already been confirmed that it is going on. The vote fraud is being covered up by the main stream media. If the campaign demands a recount, it gets exposure early on so it can be considered when it happens in other states. Our campaign ideas and money donations mean nothing if this election is going to be stolen. If this election is stolen, our freedom is stolen. If we don't stop this now, we all deserve the tyranny that is coming. Let's be true patriots and take a stand now. I encourage everyone to write a letter to the Ron Paul campaign headquarters and demand a recount in New Hampshire and Iowa. We can raise the money. Direct them to www.ronpaulwarroom.com and www.blackboxvoting.org to see the documented cases. The campaign should have expected this and prepared for it. I knew it was going to happen.

Here is a letter I wrote to the main campaign. Please write them your own original letter:

Dr Paul, Kent, Lew, Joe, Debbie and all those on the campaign staff,
We now have massive voter fraud confirmed in New Hampshire and Iowa, both in the hand counts, (townships show 0 for Ron Paul when people in those townships voted for Ron Paul) and also with Diebold voting machines.

See www.ronpaulwarroom.com and www.blackboxvoting.org for the documentation and personal testimonies.

This vote fraud has been going on for several decades.
Pat Buchanan did noting when it was suspected and confirmed by Jim Condit.
Al Gore had the election stolen from him in Florida and did not go any further.
John Kerry did nothing when it was obvious that Ohio and Florida were stolen from him.

As true patriots, we must stand up against this vote fraud and take action now. I hope the campaign is going to demand a recount or file lawsuits immediately. It appears most of Ron Paul’s votes went to war monger John McCain. This is totally unacceptable.
If the Ron Paul campaign really stands for freedom, then we must take action now, or we are no better than a third world banana republic and we deserve the tyranny that is coming. We the people, will rise to the occasion and help raise the money for a recount. Please make a statement as soon as possible.

South Carolina uses more of these corrupt voting machines than New Hampshire. Expect to see vote fraud there. Then there is Florida. Things are only going to get worse very fast. Please demand a recount immediately and let’s put the guilty people in jail, so that we can stop this on going atrocity in our country.

Please forward this email to everyone on your staff.


The Ron Paul revolution is coming through your town. Either jump on board or get the hell out of the way!!!

The Ron Paul revolution is coming through your town. Either jump on board or get the hell out of the way!!!

I agree

We need a recount - if nothing else than to raise people's awareness about the cr@p that is going on.

Even more evidence of manipulation from the democrat side:

this is the totally bull

THIS IS BULLSHIT! What if there was a town let say, RP gets 1800 votes but 1000 votes went missing and conveniently transfered to other candidates, and this shit happens at other towns. WTF!!!! Then that shill "100 year" McCain stole New Hampshire.

This is obviously crap. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY! DAMN THE SYSTEM! We are all to blame I guess. We have allowed this shit to happen to long. We allow racism and unwarranted fears against Arabs and Muslims to darken and blacken our heart as they continue piling in laws after laws to replace our system with a tyranny state. We allow it.

I wonder if it is too late to repair the system. I thought that God sent Ron Paul to save America before it is too late. I guess we will implode like the Soviet Union. They say history repeats itself. I guess it is true. God will punish us by destroying it before we get to save it.

Do we need to shed the love in the revolution? We have been screwed big time in New Hampshire.

Well If Alex Jones said it it HAS to be true...

31 votes not counted! A travesty! But wait a minure, it's already been admitted to by the perps. So maybe, just maybe, it was a mistake? And now it's fixed, no?

And let's add those votes on and see what difference it makes. Hmmm, 7.02 percent plus .003 percent, makes roughly....... 7.02 percent.

MAN! Come on people! THIS KIND OF STUFF ISN'T worth anything! It's DISTRACTING you from doing the things that you COULD be doing to get Ron Paul more votes in our own precincts and states.

While you waste your time and effort on this you can't accomplish anything else for the campaign. New Hamsphire is done! Have you added anyone to the Ron Paul Revolution TODAY? THAT'S what you need to be doing.

UGH! So frustrating!

"It is useless for sheep to pass a resolution in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion." William Randolph Inge

Hand count counties

We did 25-30% in hand count counties and in the very lowest hand count county we didn't go below 10%. Something fishy going on. Banned from Larry King, John Stossel, Fox?? The racist lies. This is too much coincidence. We should demand an investigation from all the enforcement agencies and an independant as well. Absolutely disgusting how our country is being hijacked..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

The total for Sutton is 417 votes. COMPARE STRAW POLLS!!!


Republicans - Sutton
Precints Reporting 100%

McCain 160
Romney 119
Giuliani 51
Huckabee 45
Paul 31
Thompson 3
Hunter 0
Other 8

51 + 45 + 160 + 31 + 119 + 3 + 8 = 417 votes

If you substract 31 to 417 the result is correct = 386

The vote count at cnn.com doesn't include votes for Other in any county

McCain 160 votes
Romney 119
Giuliani 51
Huckabee 45
Paul 31
Thompson 3
Hunter 0

Compare straw polls.

nyletterpress Says:
January 8th, 2008 at 10:31 pm
So Paul gets 208 votes in the Strafford county straw poll:
But only 96 votes in Strafford county during the NH primaries?
Whats going on? Would people show up to vote for Paul in a less meaningful straw poll then not vote in the primaries? Did these voters change their minds, are Paul supporters really that fickle? Doesn’t seem to make sense.

Let's see

Strafford County Republican Picnic Straw Poll Results (August 18th, 2007)
Ron Paul 208
Mitt Romney 26
Mike Huckabee 20
Tom Tancredo 8
John McCain 7
Duncan Hunter 5
John Cox 5
Fred Thompson 3
Rudy Giuliani 3
Sam Brownback 1

Strafford GOP Primary results
McCain 308
Romney 200
Huckabee 138
Paul 96
Giuliani 88
Thompson 14
Hunter 4
Other 17

Strafford Poll, participants = 286
Strafford GOP Primary, participants = 865 (3 times more than in the summer poll)
Gains and losses:
McCain receives +301
Romney +174
Huckabee + 118
Giuliani +85
Thompson +11
Hunter -1
Paul -112
Everybody gains votes, except Paul and Hunter
Hunter loses 1 single vote, Paul loses 112 votes!!!

As the song goes

"OK Shaggy, you and Scoob check out the cave, me and the girls will stay here in the cabin"
~ Fred

did the picnic straw poll require

proof of voter registration for Sutton County? If not, obviously people attended the picnic from other areas and when voting really occurred, only people registered in that location could participate.

Do you think it was human error?

Ok here is my question: original count for Sutton county was: total voter 386. Guliani 51, Hack 45, Romny 119, Mcain 160, Thompson 3, others 8 - ok total comes to exactly 386. now updated count on CNN - everything is same except no - “others” replace with 31 vote for Ron Paul - total voter is now 409. So are they saying they made a mistake on Ron Paul’s number(31) and total voters count?(386 vs 409) I don’t think so

Yikes! Check out this guys testimony about vote fraud!



Just as good as "Hacking Democracy" (also on youtube)

What is the campaign doing about this?

The campaign is too silent. What are they doing to do? Ron Paul, himself, has to ask for a recount. Call and email the campaign. They must have a recount. Go to Prison Planet and read all the articles about this. Ron Paul received 15% of the Hand Ballot vote!! That would put him in 3rd place. This is an outrage!


Giuliani Gets 9.11% of the Vote in Three Towns

2 Ohio Election workers sent to PRISON 18 months for same thing

I just read a article in a ohio newspaper where a federal judge sentenced 2 ohio women for "fudging" the vote in 2004.

I believe a Recount is necessary to put other states on notice. And charges must be pressed if they can be.

This is a federal crime. 2 women are currently in federal prison for it NOW!

Everyone a Op Ed for your local newspaper about this. Keep it about 250 words.

If enough papers pick it up, then the major media will pick it up..

A recount may turn up some

A recount may turn up some votes.Im sure any recount anywhere would turn up a few.
However we are 10,000 from getting a delegate.All a recount will show is we lost ,and on our own dime.
Let it die.

absolutely, move forward

"they" did not take RP from 1st to 5th


We don't have to win the state by recount. That's not the point, although, that would be very nice.

The point is to catch vote fraud here and there and anywhere we can to build up momentum ONE TOWN AT TIME!





government of the people, by the people, for the people


Absolutely must have a recount. This is for the presidency of the USA people, not for boy scout troop leader! The people counting ballots cannot be allowed to take this lightly. Every vote should be counted and recorded correctly.

This is a big responsibility. It must be taken very, very seriously. $67,000 is a drop in the bucket for a correct ballot count.

I've heard the excuse too many times, this is not about the man, but the message. BULLoney! We need to get the MAN WITH THE MESSAGE in the White House.

We've caught them already in one county. They need to be held responsible. We should be Mad as H-ll and not gonna take it anymore!

I for one did not give my money and time for just the message to be heard, but to get the man into the White House! The world wants him to be there as much as our troops do. We need to fight this and nip it in the bud now!

It's good to be right, but...

...it's better to be effective.

A recount seems nice, in theory, but in practice we're just wasting our time. This isn't about principle. No recount is going to uncover a vast Bliderberger/black helicopter conspiracy. Ron Paul will gain NOTHING from a recount, it will only cost us time and effort. Let's concentrate on winning states. And on that note, Nevada is promising - so send your money there for advertising efforts!

There's a point to it though

If enough media coverage is devoted to a recount, then more people will wake up. When the people realize that they can't have a single election in this country without voter fraud, then maybe just maybe a few more of them will get angry and then it'll dawn on them what this 'revolution' is all about in the first place.

IMPOSSIBLE to win states

IMPOSSIBLE to win states without recount. Very small probability of winning states with recount and other vote fraud actions.

Ron Paul should offer Obama Campaign to split the cost.

I would think Obama Campaign would go for this considering what the polls projected and the end result. If Obama ends up in 1st place after the count it would be major news event helping his campaign.


What if this is happening in EVERY COUNTY?

Pretty soon it adds up to a serious number of votes lost. I think Sutton is the tip of the iceberg.