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Forced into 3rd party? (Reposted)

Forgive me for reposting this but Joel's letter is very indicative of what we are all dealing with and it was buried before many could see it

fellow freedom lovers, this was sent to me on Nov. 4, 2010. Joel Hansen is a true american patriot and is right on target.

Dear Editor, Las Vegas Review Journal,
From Joel Hansen

Many people have lamented to me that if I had just run as a Republican, I could have been elected as Attorney General of Nevada, and asked why I won’t leave the Independent American Party and join the Republican Party. Looking back on the election, I see all the more reasons why not to join the Republicans. My dear friend, Sharron Angle, for whom I have served as an attorney on several occasions, left the IAP long ago to join the Republican Party so that she could be elected. And this year she almost attained that goal. She fought the Republican establishment and beat Sue Lowden, the anointed candidate of the Republican Establishment. Once she gained the nomination, it looked as though she had a good chance of winning, because she stuck to her guns, identified herself openly as a conservative Republican, and delivered blow for blow against Harry Reid’s merciless and untruthful onslaughts against her character and her anti socialist views. And what did she get for this almost superhuman effort? She was stabbed in the back by the Republicans for Reid, led by prominent Republicans such as Bill Raggio, Bob Cashell, Dawn Gibbons, former Sheriff Bill Young, etc. . Also joining in this back stabbing by her own party members were other Republicans who are prominent Mormons who ought to know better than to support socialism.
And so I am unable to join the Republican party because its leadership consists largely of liberal RINOS (Republicans in name only) who openly betrayed Nevada and their own party for Harry Reid, who gave us obamacare, the most unconstitutional and financially and medically destructive federal law in US history. They supported Kenny Guinn, who gave us the largest tax increase in Nevada history, and George W. Bush, who lied to us about weapons of mass destruction. These RINOS constitute the leadership of this Socialist party B.
I thus stand with John Quincy Adams, who wisely stated: “Always vote for principle, and though you vote alone, you can cherish the sweet assurance that your vote is never wasted.” That is why we formed the IAP, so we wouldn’t have to sell our souls to these liberal RINOS who continue to destroy any hope for a return to constitutional limited government and continue to betray conservative Republicans.. I invite all honest Republicans who still believe in the traditional principles of America to see the handwriting on the wall and join with us in the Independent American Party, a party which truly believes in our inspired Constitution and its Sacred Bill of Rights. Any other course, is, in the words of Einstein, insanity, which is expecting a different result while continuing to repeat the mistakes of the past.
The RJ wouldn’t endorse me because I “didn’t have any chance of being elected.” Looks like Sharron Angle didn’t either, because of the Benedict Arnolds within her own party.

Joel F. Hansen

and at 1:38 in this video the real heart of the problem is discussed


side note: Harry Ried as his first act as gaming commissioner sold Paul Lowden (Sue Lowdens future husband) his first gaming venture. The Lowdens and Ried are of the same pond scum$$$$$$$$$$$$$